Saint Who?

saint george

It was St.George’s Day yesterday and as per usual the day passed with little celebration other than the national breakfast news featuring tired school kids eating soggy cereal draped in flags. Okay so maybe some pubs dusted off a bit of bunting and had a special offer on British ale but it’s hardly St.Patrick’s Day is it? The only reason I remembered it was St.George’s Day was thanks to Google and their homepage animation featuring a pixelated St.George and a dragon wearing what looked like sunglasses. The St.George’s Day dedicated website is furiously campaigning to make 23rd April a public holiday in England, and it was for many years until the union with Scotland in the late 18th century when the day of rest/celebration ceased. Scottish Independence anyone?

I wonder how many of us would go all out with the street parties and daft hats to celebrate our national hero if we knew we didn’t have to fit it around work, the school run and the weekly shop? The part of the tradition that I particularly like and one I would love to see brought back into the annual event is wearing a red rose in your lapel, it’s so romantic. Sadly I’m sure I would end up with a white and red plastic bowler hat and a vuvuzela to annoy the life out of other reveller’s.

Well here is to St.George who I’m sure we will all welcome into our annual celebrations with much enthusiasm and gusto……when we get a day off.

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