Human Kind

I had an accident today, another one. I think God was paying me back for being nasty to Ed Miliband and his wife’s dress sense, I feel the punishment was a little harsh.

I took my eldest daughter to school on my own this morning, for the first time in around four weeks due to my slipped disc injury. As the school bus pulled into the stop, we we’re stood hand in hand waiting to get off. I felt my legs go weak and the next thing I remember is my face connecting with the plexi-glass drivers cabin and everything went black. I woke a few minutes later to find a couple of strangers pulling me up into a chair and my little girl holding my hand reassuring me that I would be ok. Easily one of the scariest few moments of my life, made more so because it was up to my 6-year-old to show such strength and maturity in a moment of utter chaos that was completely out of my control. She didn’t panic or cry, she simply took my mobile phone from my pocket, called her Dad to explain what had happened and then calmly passed it to me so I could blubber some jumbled up words and then drop the phone on the floor while hyperventilating. On the off-chance that anyone on the bus this morning gets to read this, thank you so much for helping me, calling the ambulance and telling my Daughter jokes to keep her entertained while I was busy drooling all over myself and doing my best Edward Scissor Hands impression.

ALBERTA 1975-84 (SB) SCHOOL BUS plate and stickers

(Photo credit: woody1778a)

I’m ok now. Short stay in hospital, swollen face so I’m now the proud owner of some stronger medication and a warning to rest up and not go anywhere on my own for a week or so until I’m feeling stronger. It could have been a lot worse.

I’ve spent a little extra time with my Daughter before bed this evening, thanking her for being so grown up and reassuring her that everything is now ok. I’ll go to sleep a little later on, safe in the knowledge that after a truly horrible and painful day, I have so much to be thankful for, especially my wonderful little girl.

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2 thoughts on “Human Kind

  1. Kate says:

    Thank heaven for little girls, but they are a result of very strong mummy’s. Well done for teaching her how to be a lady and the ability to cope when things get rough x

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