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I have written this blog since the beginning of March and with the encouragement and support of my other half I have found I’m really enjoying being able to put my thoughts down in cyberspace for all to read and comment. I suppose then it’s only fair that I should allow my husband to have a go at speaking his mind about random topics that get him all hyped up….and boy does he go on. I don’t mind him using my blog as a platform to share his views, but I’m going to edit his post  first so it is at least legible!
So my loyal readers, and those who have stumbled across my blog purely by accident….I give you Geordie and his angry account of Driving.
I am a very easy-going and funny guy and I like to think that I’m laid back and take everything as it comes, but oh my god do I get angry when I drive.  Most of the time it’s not even me it’s just stupid and lazy people who make me mad. I have driven for nearly ten years now and when I started out, like most people I had no idea how to drive and had no confidence. Aside from that though I loved to drive even if I was stuck in traffic for hours, I would just wind down my window and enjoy the fresh air and the view, in fact I found it quite relaxing and could never understand why others got so infuriated.
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Ten years later though, I find myself muttering under my breath and shouting at others drivers and pedestrians, albeit with my window up. I just don’t get it, why is it that people change as soon as they get into a vehicle, they wouldn’t carry on that way on the pavement as a pedestrian. I go mental when I see people driving like idiots, cutting me up or not indicating at a roundabout (massive pet hate) and staring at me with dirty looks like I have done wrong , when they are the ones in the wrong. The best is that they would not be staring at me like that if they weren’t in the vehicle, so why do people think that when they are behind the wheel that they are indestructible?
Having a family now I now understand the need for parent and child parking spaces, I have never parked in one unless I had the kids, and a free space is usually only a 10 second walk away from them. All the time I see people parking in them and the disabled spaces and I just don’t get it, they are there for people who need them, I’m sure if some people had the chance they would park their car by the till. Maybe this is why so many people are obese cause it’s all about convenience, I see people go round the car park waiting for a space next to the shop when there are dozens free only a 10 second walk away. Plus you see people parking outside the shops or where ever they can, and think that just cause they put their indicator on its okay, never mind the fact they are causing havoc and a traffic jam. There is pretty much always a parking bay close by but no, that’s not convenient enough.
What about pedestrians? I mean we are all pedestrians at some point but I never think that I am stronger than a vehicle, so how come people will step out in front of you when you are driving and just expect you to stop? Pedestrian versus car, car every time, how hard is that to understand?
Thanks for letting me rant on a bit, off for a nice relaxing, calm drive now. Geordie.
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4 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Geordie

  1. Naphtali says:

    Love It, I have the same complaints about the parking spaces. Why wait for that person to back out when their are so many available spaces. It maddens me when they hold up traffic waiting for this one spot in the front.
    And I have been guilty of walking out as if i am invincible, although i usually let some one walk out before me just in case.

    • geordiesgirl says:

      Isn’t it funny that so many of us think the same yet we’re still bashing into each other and being annoying haha. You may well identify with more of his rantings. There is more to come! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Manda says:

    Just like your rant about manners, I can totally relate to this one, too. My boyfriend is even worse than me when it comes to getting wound up over ridiculous drivers. His biggest pet peeve is when people won’t use their signal. He’s not afraid of embarrassing stupid drivers, either, by laying down on the horn for a good 5-10 seconds. I wish I had a better understanding of why people are so ridiculous behind the wheel. I recently investigated driving behavior among college students through a survey, and you wouldn’t believe the reasons they listed as the cause of their accidents. One girl admitted that she was too busy staring at another car accident to see the car in front of her. Another said she was too busy trying to take a picture of a sunset on her cell phone to notice that she was about to run a red light. Do people use their brains and common sense anymore!? I think I get more and more scared of those crazy drivers each day.

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