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Recently I was in a real rut with my hair, desperate for something new but as I only had shoulder length hair it’s not like I had a lot of options. I think this unrest has come about because of my sister, every time I go home she has a different hair style or colour and every one of them suits her. I’ve never been that versatile, but I’m not afraid of change. I find my hair gets to just past my shoulders and that’s it, I’ve usually had enough and booked in with my hairdresser for a graduated bob.

My hair is dark brown/black courtesy of Live Colour XXL Schwarzkopf and has been on and off for around three years. The graduated bob I usually sport sits just below my chin and is shaped in and short at the back. I like it, always have and most of my friends say I suit my hair around this length. I went much shorter and highlighted blonde after the break up of my first marriage, you know, as you do when you have a meltdown and think that having shiny bouncy hair will solve all of life’s problems. It looked good when I was tanned from my little jaunt abroad, but back in the harsh UK conditions, it just didn’t suit me at all which brings me back to Live Colour XXL.

I’m always jealous of my friends hairstyles too, especially the girls who have really long glossy tresses and can pull off tons of different styles for nights out and special occasions. I often attempt the glam look, lots of preparation with heater rollers, back combing and hair spray. Sadly this results in me looking like an extra from Dallas and I brush it out and start again. My hairstyle fave’s are Dannii Minogue and Katie Holmes. Both have short styled dark hair which always looks immaculate regardless of where/what they are doing. Have you ever walked into your hairdressers with a picture of the hair style you want? I always see ones I like but think I’d look like a right idiot and the stylist would laugh her behind off at my unrealistic demands.

There has been a new twist to the hair style saga in that I have moved house to a totally new area and am now faced with the dilemma of finding a good hairdresser. Everyone has different opinions/standards when it comes to their hair stylist so without vetting my entire village it was always going to be a little hit and miss. My first experience was a positive one I’m happy to report, I threw caution into the wind and chose a modern salon in the middle of town hoping that the decor was comparative to the stylists skills. Once inside I played it safe and went for a shorter than normal graduated bob, asking the stylist to take it shorter on two separate occasions. I was happy with the result but as per usual, wished I had been braver and gone much shorter.

Two weeks later and I was already bored of the shorter bob, I asked my friend to recommend a decent stylist as I’d had enough and definitely wanted the Frankie Sandford style….Just to point out I am not 21, petite, particularly slim, or a mega famous pop star..Okay?

When I saw my lack of hair for the first time after ‘the cut’ I was completely gobsmacked. I’d purposely not had a mirror in front of me during the process so I couldn’t chicken out when the lengths of dismembered hair tumbled down to the floor, so when I saw the end result I panicked. What had I done? The longest piece of my hair was only four inches, and that was just my side fringe. In that moment I lost what was left of my self-confidence (two children, a failed marriage and career later) I didn’t recognise the person in the mirror and found it hard to adjust to. I went home and showed Geordie and my girls the result of my over excitement and delusion of youth/coolness trembling with nerves as I knew they were going to hate it. Obviously they all said it was great and ‘really suited me’ but I was in a blind panic and instantly wrapped a scarf around my head to give the illusion of long hair piled up. This went on for a couple of weeks, replacing the scarf with a big fascinator for a wedding, and a multitude of wired hair bands when I was in public. It’s been two months since ‘the cut’ now and I’ve even had it shaped in again a couple of times thanks to the steady hands and skills of my Mum. I’m still on the back foot confidence wise, it’s amazing what a simple hair cut can do though. Now that my style has grown in a little and I’m much more used to it I’ve been able to recognise the positives such as it only taking a quarter of the time to get ready in the mornings. However, I’ve only just uploaded two photo’s from our Jubilee weekend celebrations on to my Facebook account and I’m incredibly self-conscious if I bump into anyone I know in the village. So in short, I can’t wait to get my graduated bob back!

I’ve been told to man up, so with a big gulp and squaring of the shoulders….. here is the new hair. The photo quality is rubbish because I’m still at the stage of only just allowing photo’s and only from far away! Tell me what you think and remember, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

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