Lambrini Nights

Hi, sorry I’m late I’ve been far too busy drinking Lambrini to blog today. Please don’t judge me, it’s cold and its free as my Mum won a big bottle in possibly the crappest raffle ever……in Scotland. I’m not a big drinker and never really have been, can’t handle alcohol too well and tend to just fall asleep in random places when I’ve had enough. My personal test of drunkedess (made up word) is finding out whether I can sit on the toilet without wobbling over on the first attempt, I know that when my knees start to buckle a bit on adopting the simple sitting position, I’ve had enough.

cherry-flavoured Lambrini

cherry-flavoured Lambrini (Photo credit: Dani P.L.)

I started going to the pub regularly when I was 17 (way to go Wetherspoons on the proof of age checking initiative) and along with my friends could happily down a good few Archer’s and Lemonade how very civilised. That is until my friend manages to rack up 8 double vodka and orange and chucks her guts up into my shoes collection, lovingly laid out on my bedroom floor. I used to eat a whole lot of desert in those days too, god damn you Wetherspoons and your delicious 241 offers on stuff with custard, I just couldn’t resist. Back out on the town at the weekends we’d regularly walk home from the bright lights of the city (around 4 miles) having spent the taxi money on another round, well it’s just what you do when your 18 right? Around this time I would drink a lot of Lambrini, it was always cheap and alcoholic so win win then. I always favoured drinks that resembled sweets, anything brightly coloured and smelling slightly like fruit would do and to this day I’ve never drunk a beer, it’s just too bitter to my fluorescent pallet!

Luckily my preferences have matured ever so slightly in the last few years, my sister has now got me drinking Kopparberg and the odd Magner’s but again it has to be the fruity versions or I turn up my nose and head for the white wine. During both of my pregnancies I gave up alcohol completely and on my first night out after this ten month drought I had two glasses of wine (my friends remind me I demanded a ‘glass of large white wine please’ at which point the bar staff took a laughing fit. I fell into a taxi completely paralytic. Yep I’m no drinker.

It’s very rare I have a drink at home but when I do I really enjoy it. Guess that makes me a not so secret Lambrini drinker?

Ps, the Cherry flavoured one is awful.

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One thought on “Lambrini Nights

  1. Bleurgh! Anything cherry is repulsive. I don’t really like the fruity drinks I’m a straight up rum drinker. God damn breast feeding I could go a rum and coke right now 🙂

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