Hi, how’s you weekend going? Mine has involved lots of usual household chores and chilling out with the family. Geordie is currently besotted with the Insanity workout that I’m told is sweeping the nation after originating in the US. For the last 20 days or so he has spent anything from 30 mins to an hour sweating his bits off slogging away at this high intensity exercise regime. There’s something slightly unnerving about being woken up by the sound of your husband grunting away in the living room at 5 am. Obviously the first time it happened I raced downstairs wondering what the hell was going on only to be confronted with his stinking sweaty body doing spider man push-ups on my expensive rug! The next few times I simply turned over and went back to sleep without opening an eyelid (but silently hoping he wasn’t ‘having relations’ with the post-woman…I mean who else is up at that hour?)

So this evening after You’ve Been Framed, Take Me Out and X Factor snuggled on the sofa with the family Geordie suddenly realises that he’d not done his Insanity today and promptly jumps up to rearrange the dining room furniture and set up the laptop to begin. At this point the kids have realised that once again Christopher Maloney is belting out another karaoke classic and decide that joining in with daddy’s ‘running about’ will be more fun. Note that our youngest is wielding a bag of Malteaser’s in one hand and Minstrels in the other….motivation or what? I think it’s brilliant and much more realistic for people to see that as a parent this is our version of going to the gym! Apologies for the slightly wobbly camera work I filmed it from the sofa while eating Malteaser’s!



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One thought on “Insanity

  1. Le Clown says:

    Best Saturday morning video. Ever.
    Le Clown

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