Innuendo Bingo

Last week I caught the Scott Mills show on Radio One online and as I was cleaning the debris of eldest daughter’s room, I managed to catch some of the show live on their webcam feed. I’m fascinated by radio and I love to see what goes on behind the scenes, even if it is two grown men spitting water at each other!

Radio One's Scott Mills

Radio One’s Scott Mills

If you’ve not heard or seen it before, Innuendo Bingo is a game on Scott’s show that involves celebrity guests and guys from Radio One sat opposite each other, they take mouthfuls of water and then Scott proceeds to play audio clips from various TV shows that were written innocently, but can be easily misconstrued as very rude. The result is that one, if not both of the players in the studio then spit the water, in spectacular fashion, all over their opponent. It’s stupidly hilarious and I’m addicted to watching it. Since the first viewing  I’ve often found myself thinking ‘that’s an awesome quote for Innuendo Bingo’ and usually when watching cartoons, those old school episodes of Rainbow have a lot to answer for!

If you need a laugh today, please watch the video and enjoy DJ Danny Howard and Chris (from the show) in possibly the wettest Innuendo Bingo episode ever….. stupidly funny.

Happy Tuesday!

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