Terrible Twos..Threes…Fours..

Earlier this week my youngest daughter celebrated her second birthday at a fancy dress party with her sister and some friends at the camp soft play area. One of the main topics of conversation (along with potty training, fussy eaters and reluctance to eat anything that’s not coated in chocolate) was the impending ‘Terrible Twos’. I told my friends that I wasn’t expecting to see so much of a change in my daughter as she is mainly well-behaved and pleasant (you can see where this is going already can’t you?) and as I had already endured this phase with my eldest daughter, I was prepared for an easy ride.

Butter Wouldn't Melt

You Smell The Flower Mummy

Since Monday my daughter has been in the naughty corner a total of 5 times, that’s an average of once a day for each time she has thrown a strop, a crayon or her juice cup across the room. (You may remember she has a flair for throwing after the pig incident) Suddenly she is incredibly possessive of her things and will shout her little lungs out if I dare to interfere. I took her to coffee morning yesterday so she could play with the other little ones (while I ate two..that’s two pieces of cheesecake!) Once she’d wrapped her little mitts around the handles of the baby pram there was no going back, if another child even looked at the pram she raised her voice so show it was her toy and she was not sharing! However just seconds later she was sat on the floor sharing pots and pans and playing at the kitchen nicely. I think my toddler has prematurely turned into a teenager! Talk about mood swings!

I’ve started reading up on the current techniques for dealing with such behaviour. Super Nanny suggests I continue with the naughty corner and that consistency is the key. Bounty suggests I give my toddler a choice so that she has a feeling of control ‘Would you like to play with the pram or come and play with the kitchen’ and Baby Centre says we should hug it out! Hmmmm got to say I agree with Super Nanny and will continue to enforce time out for unacceptable behaviour……I’m also block booking hair-dressing appointments as I’m going grey at an alarming rate!

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