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Seeing Red

I have an ongoing debate with my sister about who suits red better, blondes or brunettes? We’re both brunettes at the moment but I’m Team Blonde when it comes to red carpet dresses. But what about those who don’t need to worry about being snapped by the papparazzi? Us on the street, going to work, shopping, or doing the school run. Who rules the poppy hues there?

I’ve decided to open it up to you guys to vote. Team Blonde Vs Team Brunette you decide.

First up for Team Blonde we have the stunning January Jones sending the paps into a frenzy in this cut away Versace gown.

A very worthy opponent from Team Brunette is Anne Hathaway in Marchesa

Scarlett Johansson is a bit of a go-between as she’s had so many hair colours, but in this stunning low-cut, maxi gown she’s flying the flag for Team Blonde

And finally the queen of swept-up chic, Angelina Jolie rocking not only a red satin dress but also blood-red lips and porcelain complexion.

Did I really say I was Team Blonde? Now that I’ve carried out a little more research I’m leaning more towards Team Brunette. Let’s face it, you can’t argue with the Special K woman, she always looks fabulous!

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