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Pretty Green Eyes

This weekend my kids sat down at the dining room table with an array of art equipment to write their letters to Santa. Okay my 14 month old didn’t exactly write her’s but she did scribble on it once eldest daughter and me had finished writing  it out for her. Every year Royal Mail run a letter from Santa service that the children can write to and receive a personalised letter back from the North Pole (local sorting office?) and it officially starts Christmas in the Geordie household.

This year the kids have asked for some fairly standard things although I fear I am already bringing up a teenager at the age of 7, the first thing on her list is an Orbeeze Foot Spa…she’ll want her eye brows waxing next. Luckily her second item is a Barbie Photo Fashion doll which she can have so as long as she’s not taking profile pics for Facebook with it. I was ecstatic to read that I will be receiving roller skates with pink wheels while Geordie will be the proud owner of some new trainers (because he’s always wearing trainers apparently). What I love about this whole tradition is watching how the children totally buy into it, spending a good hour colouring in their lists, carefully writing the address on the envelope and then quickly scribbling things they want but forgot to write on the neat list! So all was well with the world come Sunday evening and everyone went to bed content that Santa would bring the goodies. I had a stroll into the village to post the letters today and was even more chuffed when I bought two first class stamps that had a Santa’s face design drawn by Axel Scheffler who illustrates books such as The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom! Woohoo It’s going to be an awesome Christmas. Just as I was about to post the letters my phone rings from within the abyss of handbag, I switch the baby to the opposite hip and fish my mobile from the abyss of handbag. When I answer it I hear my darlings daughters voice all panicky, instantly I worry what on earth could be wrong?

‘Mum’ she says ‘before you post my letter to Santa don’t forget to write a black fluffy cat with green eyes on the bottom, okay bye’………….Bugger

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