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Take Two

Good morning faithful readers, I have big news….are you sitting comfortably?

Earlier this week marked the 1st Anniversary of Geordie’s Girl.com or 1st Blogiversary if you like. (Hallmark are yet to make a card for this particular celebration so I’ll let you off for not sending me one) and as any struggling writer will no doubt agree, a special occasion blog post pretty much writes itself. You might now be asking why it is three days past this momentous occasion without so much as a whisper from me? Well wait for it…..I’ve been BUSY! Actually busy with proper tasks/jobs to do, not just normal chores or routine trips to Tesco.

This week I have created a mermaid and a pirate (more on that later) and accidentally redecorated my dining room in the process. I’ve endured a few hours in Middlesborough (never again) and introduced my daughter to the naughty step where she quite enjoyed the peace and quiet, at least for the first 30 seconds. Yesterday I was convinced I had broken my toes from repeatedly kicking the leg of my dining table while concentrating on painting; this put me in a bit of a bad mood as I really wanted to wear my favourite D&G heels last night. Sorry, back to the list….I have purchased a potty (for my daughter) travelled approximately 530 miles around the country, attended a very impressive parents evening and topped it all off last night with a lot of rum. As I type I am eating Rolo’s for breakfast, I look like a poor man’s Gene Simmons thanks to non-removal of make-up before bed and I have the sudden urge to go for a run!? Thank God I left my gym kit at home!



Okay so its been a very busy week and while I have neglected you a little, I have achieved a lot. From the very bottom of my heart, and to each and every single person who has read just a word of the blog….thank you. You have brightened up days when I was very low and suffering terrible pain and being able to share good news with you all has regularly made me realise how lucky I am.

Last night I raised many a glass to you, and this morning I am blaming you for my aching head x

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High Street Peek

I’m becoming a bit obsessed with people watching, it’s my favourite pastime at the moment although its more about what people are wearing so I’m going to rename is fashion watching. The thing is I have two young kids so it’s not like I can while away the hours sitting outside Starbucks with a coffee and Vogue on my lap, so I have found the next best thing. Street Chic!

Notting Hill Carnival 2006 (London, UK)

Notting Hill Carnival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vogue.co.uk has a section dedicated to what we’re wearing on the streets of the UK. The site covers lots of events too from V to Notting Hill carnival and of course all the action pre and post London fashion shows. I wanted to see how others put an outfit together and accessorize it to make it their own. The photo’s from V are interesting because the majority of women are rocking Hunter wellies due to the mud so I’m always keen to see what outfit is teamed up with the giant of festival chic. Luckily this year the conditions were less treacherous compared to Download and Creamfields so there were also lots of tribal sandals and summer dresses. My sister came back from Download with gaffa tape all over her wellies which had split from the deluge of muddy water and debris that slid towards her tent. Think I’ll give that one a miss.

I’m sure I have now viewed and passed commented on every gallery on Street Chic so in my quest for knowledge on what the trendy people are wearing I stumbled across On The Streets of Sydney. Sydney is my home town and although I left young and haven’t been back in over ten years, I’m even more intrigued to see what the fashion trends are like there. The site is an excellent source of information from street style to beauty trends and all the images and info from Melbourne Fashion Week as it happens. Aside from my fascination with people and their clothes, the features section of the site gives you a leg up on newcomers and their offerings with exclusive interviews. (Gabriel Lee I love your peachy hues and soft tailoring!)

There are a gazillion blogs that I look forward to reading from tailors, buyers, illustrators and fashion journalists to the ordinary girl with an interesting take on the current trends. Luckily for me some blogs have led to forging friendships with people in the fashion industry and often product freebies which was never more appreciated than when I was pregnant and struggling to find clothes to fit my tall yet round frame! I think the fashion world has been a major beneficiary from the Internet enabling everyone to have a constructive public opinion. Well….I would say that wouldn’t I?

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