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Tattoo For Two

A woman showing images tattooed or painted on ...

A woman showing images tattooed or painted on her upper body, 1907. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What do you think about tattoo‘s? I’m going to have my second one done tomorrow with my Sister who is treating me for my birthday. The first one I had done was a band-aid tattoo, being terribly naïve I thought that if I had my then husbands name inked on my body it would save our flailing relationship and all would be well, 8 years later I am still baring his name on my wrist and we’re very definitely divorced! Luckily I have a collection of lovely watches that cover my faux pas until I can get around to having it lasered off. Is this a common theme in the world of ink, how many people have had tattoo’s that they regret? Mine cost £20 and took a whole 5 minutes to complete, 12 months to laser off and a lifetime to regret! I’m really looking forward to my new tattoo as it’s been ages since my last one and I’m safe in the knowledge that I really do want this one for the right reasons. It will also be enough to put me off having another for some time, I say this because while having your wrist tattooed isn’t painful, I did find it uncomfortable. When I was younger I always wanted to have tiny footprints inked around my stomach and back to signify that I travelled so much as a kid, thank god I gave that idea a wide berth (see what I did there) imagine those poor wrinkled battered footsteps now after two pregnancies stretched my poor stomach to within an inch of its life. Tattoo’s seems to split opinions with people, my Dad is dead against them and thinks I’m mental, but both my brother and sister have them too. Most of my friends have ink and some of their designs are huge and incredibly intricate compared to my pathetic two-inch scrawl! We’re agreed to have our designs done in an emerald-green kind of colour which we know will fade quicker than black but hey its a nice change, just really hoping it comes out well and my Dad doesn’t have a fit…..I did mention I’m almost 30 right?








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