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Ring Ring….Hello is that Summer?

Wow, check it out…….it’s sunny! It’s almost June, it’s 22 degrees today and wait………….could this be it? Summer is here!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and more likely frighten the sun back behind the clouds where it likes to hide, mocking our pasty white skin (That’s probably just me), I have given into the traditional British customs of having a BBQ, pitching a tent, purchasing/assembling a swing for the kids and attempting to spruce up the garden. I haven’t quite succumbed to the paddling pool and wine cooler but that’s purely down to my back still being in too many pieces. I absolutely love the warm weather and try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air soaking up the rays slathered in factor 25 of course. I’m also incredibly lucky to have good genes and I tan really well (thanks Dad) so a couple of hours a day on my Disney Store Mickey Mouse towel, basking in the sunlight is enough to get tan lines.

Bbq wood


I’m feeling terribly patriotic suddenly, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next weekend, a few weeks until British Armed Forces Day and all this fabulous weather, there’s really never been a better time to be British. Those who know me will think I’ve got sun stroke as I’m fiercely proud of my Australian roots, I was born in Sydney however both of my parents are British through and through. It’s been 12 years since I was last on Aussie soil for the 2000 Olympics and what an amazing time that was. But it’s not the same when you can have a Barbie every day, they can’t make coleslaw and where is the fun in applying sun lotion more than twice a day?

The summer takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids. My eldest daughter is a little dolphin and loves nothing more than running around in a swimming costume all day regardless of whether there’s a paddling pool or beach front in sight. My youngest daughter is totally different kettle of er..fish. She has fair hair and skin and must stay covered in the sun, she hates the heat and won’t sit still to have lotion applied. These last few days of very hot weather have made me wonder whether booking that fortnight in Cape Verde was a good idea?

Geordie and I have agreed to take the indoor childcare in shifts, so I’m now sat with youngest daughter while she cruises around the living room floor, leaving a trail of drool in her wake. I’ve had my couple of hours of chilling out, reading my kindle and sipping Schloer in the back garden. The only possible thing that could have made my day any better just happened, my little girl just said Mama for the first time and well I’d stay indoors all year to hear that.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever your up to!

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The Dread of Ed

Once again……it’s been a very difficult couple of weeks with my back injury and I’ve found it hard to write in an upbeat kind of way. After being poked, prodded and x-rayed to within an inch of my life I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to be in pain for about six months. Enough of the pity! In an attempt to divert the thoughts of  ‘Oh my god that bloody hurts’ I’ve decided to focus on the blog, and in particular about people who get on my nerves. I did say that I would never use my blog as  platform to hate but come on……I know you hate politicians, and Kim Kardashian as much as I do right?

Ed Miliband, British politician and Secretary ...

Ed Miliband, British politician(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a real problem with Ed Miliband. (For those outside of the UK I suggest a quick whirl around this link to familiarise yourself if you’re to join in with the sentiment of this article). I am definitely not going to force my political views on you but I do like to have a moan about Ed. I’m just so bored by the grey suits, broken promises of a better Britain and constant bitching. I  want to hear about more office affairs, political wives in high-end fashion and preferably Barack Obama as PM. I really couldn’t think of a more dithering, cringe-worthy leader for a political party and possibly the country, the man just oozes discomfort and supply teacher awkwardness. You can tell I’ve been forced to stay in traction for the majority of the last fortnight as I’ve come across some hilarious images and websites dedicated to the personification of ‘arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ that is Ed.

You’d think we could rely on Ed having a stunner of a wife who is a London Fashion Week, front row regular and rocks the tabloid gossip columns with her fabulous outfits, sadly not. Ed’s missus Justine Thornton (too embarrassed to use his surname?) is a big fan of understated dresses and masculine trousers suits, she also has a hairstyle not dissimilar to Paul Weller‘s mod crop, only difference is he makes it look good. I must give a little credit to Justine, when she married Ed in May 2011 she wore a beautiful Grecian type gown that really suited her small frame and lack of flowing mane, Ed wore a suit.

Ed has definitely missed the boat in the fashion stakes whereas Justine offers a slight glimmer of hope once in a while, fair enough his job dictates that a smart suit is a must, but he could jazz it up a little with a funky shirt and tie combo, maybe get a thing going wearing interesting/designer cuff links? Knowing Ed he’d take it too far and end up further denting his reputation with a series of musical, spinning bow ties….just leave it Ed.

I feel a bit guilty writing this, I don’t like dissing people because at the end of the day who gets dressed in the morning, looks in the mirror and says ‘Wow I look a total mess, yeeeahhh’ ?? I feel like I should try to do something to help Ed to climb a little higher in the cool stakes and maybe even secure a few votes when it matters, but the more I Google search and my insides curdle with cringe-worthy images and news clippings I just don’t think it’s possible.

Maybe I’ll write him a note, or send Gok Wan around? On the off-chance that you see this Ed and Justine, please stop being so awkward, please on behalf of the people.


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