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Guest Blog – Geordie on Manners

He’s off again banging on about manners this time. I really feel for my children because they will be talked to death should they ever put a foot wrong when it comes to manners and etiquette. I give you Geordie…..on Manners.

I’d like to think I’m a bit of an old school man because like my Dad, and his Dad I hate to shop. Shopping is such a bore and every where you go there are deals and offers that try to get you to buy products, mainly it’s just smart advertising and you’re not really saving any money, it’s just a scam.

'Manners Makyth Man': the motto of New College...

‘Manners Makyth Man’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The main reason I hate to go shopping is people, once again another situation were people become crazy idiots. I was brought up to have manners and to respect my elders, all the normal stuff  our parents drone on about or get a nice tanned ass. So when I walk through a door I will hold it open and let my wife go first and let others through, surely it’s normal then to expect a little thank you? No, nothing. You get blanked as if your invisible and they walk straight through. It drives me insane, tt’s like they are so important and above you, like it was your duty to hold the door for them! Also when I’m walking through the city people literally try to walk through me, I’m 6’3″ and yet people half my size will not get out of my way and will walk into me if I don’t move. I people watch, a past time my wife has introduced me to and I watch in amazement as people simply can’t deviate from their course to let others by.

Even when I have been in the shops it astonishes me at how rude people are, I mean manners don’t cost a thing. I was in a shop recently and was wandering up an aisle with my daughter in her buggy. At the other end a woman with a double buggy was coming towards me, obviously we both couldn’t fit so being a gentlemen I backed up and let the woman and her twins past. Did she say thank you? Did she hell, she sauntered past with a face like she was sucking a lemon and I’d purposely been in her way. Am I asking too much of people, is saying thank you that difficult? At times I have said ‘You’re welcome‘ very loudly as they pass, and they have the cheek to look at me like I’ve spat on them! What is wrong with people? Why do some find it so hard to be polite, is it their up bringing or is it just the way of our culture now and it’s me who’s in the wrong? Let me know won’t you?


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The Saturday Strop

I love being a mum, I love seeing my children playing together, laughing and ultimately fighting and pulling each others hair. My girls are still relatively young and we’ve not yet reached the demanding teenage years, although my eldest is doing her best to keep up with the big girls already! She is now forming opinions about what she does and doesn’t want to wear, and how such and such at school has just got the new Lelli Kelly’s to wear with her school Summer uniform and can we buy some? I wrote a blog not long ago about how the kids of today are so much more fashion conscious than I ever was aged 6, you can read it here

Not long after my eldest daughter was born we were photographed for the local newspaper for a shopping feature. That year I went a bit mad when I found out I was having a girl and literally blew the top off my credit and store cards. The Next sale has an awful lot to answer for as their Summer sale happens just weeks before my girls birthdays every year and I considered it a crime to not kit them out for another 12 months. I suppose you have to admit you have a problem when it makes the local news eh? You wont be surprised to learn that it was this attitude that ultimately got me into a lot of trouble financially, but that blog will take some serious thought before I make it public.

One thing I absolutely abhor about shopping with children is that the kids department is always on the top floor of most high street stores. In Liverpool city centre alone I can name and shame the following: Clarks, H&M, Boots, Primark, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Debenhams. Even my love of Next’s children’s wear has taken a beating as their kids section is in the basement, yet another lift ride to endure before being able to flash the cash. On behalf of all parents out there struggling to get through a Saturday shopping trip without having a complete meltdown, thank you for adding the saga of store lifts to our worn patience. Anyone else noticed that you end up doing at least two full circuits of all floors before reaching your destination as perfectly able-bodied, child-free people insist on clogging up the lifts despite there being copious amounts of stairs and escalators at their convenience! Arghh, it’s making me angry just writing about it. We all know that kids fashion is never going to be conveniently situated on the ground floor as it doesn’t entice enough impulse buyers, but thank the lord for the likes of Mothercare who are understandably market leaders in child friendly stores. To be fair though the Liverpool city centre store is split over two floors with no lift, but the staff are extremely helpful and I’ve witnessed them carrying many a buggy up the short flight of stairs.

Fortunately the team at the Liverpool One complex has begun to make small efforts toward enhancing family shopping. I have seen staff now casually watching the public lifts and ensuring they are available for people with prams and wheelchairs, rather than those who can easily use the near by escalators and stairs. I understand that this can be a particularly difficult thing to judge, as not everyone has a visible disability, but so far so good.

So to all the parents who can identify with this frustration, if we pool what little patience we have left maybe one of two of us could enjoy a stroll around the shops at the weekend. Failing that accept every babysitting opportunity from anyone daft enough to offer and shop like there’s no tomorrow.

Happy Shopping!

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