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As a Mum to a toddler I watch a lot of cartoons, but not cool ones like Thunder Cats or Scooby Doo, I mean programmes such as Waybuloo and Balamory and these two in particular drive me insane. The Waybuloo concept I kind of get, four little characters who play peacefully together in a magical land, and at regular intervals during each episode do a bit of yoga with some kids in front of a green screen. In the real world you just cant get 5 year olds to stand/sit still, shurrup or tie their legs in knots on little rubber mats, nope just isn’t happening. Balamory just gets on my nerves because every time I am subjected to it I end up singing the bloody annoying songs for the rest of the day. Is it blue, is it green or should we got to the pink house instead? Who cares?!

Of course there is always an exception and as much I will probably regret bigging up Justin Fletcher because he is super annoying, I believe he has pulled a corker with his GiggleBiz show on Cbeebies. For those who have a life and have never seen it the show format is a  series of short comedy clips where Justin plays the main characters and does a few suspiciously good female characters too. My favourite by far is Geordie legend Keith Fit, complete with naff track suit, Keegan style curly perm and tasche his dubious North East accent makes this character amusing before he even starts acting. Keith Fit is all about teaching kids (or bairns) how to do various sports and in true comedy tradition he sucks at all of them and ends each segment with a thumbs up shouting ‘Champion’. I don’t think this character would have worked had he been from anywhere else but Newcastle, his over-enthusiastic slap-stick personality makes for great TV (in my under-stimulated, starved of adult conversation mind). No really, he’s funny!

I’ve searched all over the Internet to find some decent short clips of Keith, sadly this is the best of a poor quality bunch. If you get chance to catch Gigglebiz on Cbeebies (and no you don’t have to be a parent) watch it, it’s actually hilarious….right?


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Mum Knows Best?

The Pink Panther cartoon character

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please help me! My daughter has been asleep for the last twenty minutes and yet I am still sat here watching Raa Raa the Lion on CITV and I can’t bring myself to get up and turn it over. I’m fast becoming a champion of theme tunes, celebrity voice overs and episode names for the majority of Cbeebies and CITV cartoons and it’s not really what Geordie wants to hear about when he gets back in from the adult world of work. He moans about the monotony of his daily routine and not getting to the gym, I moan that the episode of Horrid Henry when Henry makes his Mum some nasty perfume was on AGAIN! It’s hardly a match made in heaven.

I am pleasantly surprised that with all the cartoons on the TV 24/7 that my youngest has taken a shine to some real classics, Sooty and The Pink Panther raising the highest squeal as soon as the theme tune kicks in. Are you humming The Pink Panther now? I do…in my sleep. There have been many heated debates over the dining table about which Atomic Betty theme tune is the best, I’m so old school but my girls are rolling with the times. Pah! what do they know, they’ve never even heard of ThunderCats, Trap Door or Willow The Wisp!

My Mum has offered to buy my eldest daughter a TV for Christmas for the last couple of years but I’ve always declined because I’m positive it will become impossible to get her out of her bedroom and into the fresh air without resorting to blackmail. Not a situation I want to tackle until she’s at least at high school, and while she still believes that you get square eyes from watching too much TV I’m going to usher her in the garden in her wellie’s to play as much as possible, especially when my cartoons are on.

What’s your favourite cartoon?

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