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Aww You Guys

Leah & Marc

Leah & Marc

Okay look I’m sorry…..I’ve gotten into this really bad habit of writing half a blog post and then being distracted by cute cats pictures on either Facebook or Twitter and then ultimately not finishing the blog post and before you know it three weeks have gone by without so much as a sentence! You’re all probably happy for the break…aren’t you? Well tough because I’m back and I have good news, no moaning Minnie from me, it’s all super cheery positives for this post so if you’re in a crappy mood you have two options, you can try to lighten-up and read on or bog off. Decisions decisions?! (ps, I just wandered back on to Facebook for a minute there as well haha) I think it’s really important to celebrate life’s little (and big) achievements and more importantly to spread good news and make others smile, so if you’re ready and your seat is in the upright position…let’s go congratulating! First up on our happy roller-coaster today; huge congrats to my lovely friend Leah and her new husband Marc, they tied the knot on Monday at the stunning Thornton Hall, Wirral after dating for FOREVER! I want to wish them all the love and luck in the world for their future together. I’ve known Leah since I was 11 and just seeing her looking so effortlessly elegant in her gown made me well up! Much love to you both, lovely people. More congratulations to my fabulous friends Andy and Claire who are celebrating their engagement in Dundee this weekend, I’m absolutely gutted the girls and I can’t be there to celebrate but we shall indeed lift a glass of Ribena to you on Saturday night! Andy and Claire have the most amazing little dog called Percy (the Pomeranian) who I’m going to dog-nap when they go on holi……oh did I say that out loud?

Claire & Andy

Claire & Andy

Next up a different kind of celebration, but news to celebrate none the less. My wonderful little sister just completed her first year exams at uni and is now free for three months of non-stop partying, well done spud I’m very proud of you! And keeping it in the family my lovely older sister has just secured a place in the Great North Run and I’m ecstatic that we’ll all be there to support her with a huge banner (and most likely indulge in the pre-race carb-loading and post-race drinks).

My final congratulations (you’ll be pleased to hear) goes to my two beautiful daughters because they have done an amazing job of keeping me occupied (toddler assaulting pensioners and 7 year-old practising recorder all hours) and keeping my mind off missing Geordie, well done girlies, Mum loves you both very much…….One final note, how cool am I to have such good-looking friends?

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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St.Patrick’s Day to all those from Ireland, near Ireland, vaguely related to someone from Ireland or anyone who has ever been to Ireland. 17th March is the only day it’s socially acceptable to pull a horrendous duck-face pose and wear your bad-taste Irish hat sideways so you have a large ear on your head.

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The Bandwagon

I wanted to blog about something light-hearted today as my big career plan essay yesterday was a little war and peace wasn’t it? Well in the absence of a hilarious anecdote to share with you…I give you my youngest daughter doing her best Gangnam Style dance at our friend’s Christening party on Saturday. Apologies for jumping on the bandwagon, but she’s only 17 months old…..and it is quite funny!



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100 Not Out

Here’s to my first celebration, Geordie‘s Girl (not me, the blog) is 100. Since early March I have written 100 blog posts with November being my busiest month thanks to the NaBloPoMo writing challenge. Not bad for an old bird eh? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I can focus on for this special occasion the most important of which was getting Sky to give me a decent bloody broadband connection, god they are truly crap aren’t they?

I decided to look for others who are celebrating today. It made the national news that Prince Charles is 64 today, not exactly my favourite royal! Josh Duhamel  (Transformers) is waving the flag for sexy at 40 today and my favourite actor in the whole world Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, Rules of Engagement) is 48 years young. According to yet another super-accurate Google search I found out that there will be an estimated 361,481 babies born worldwide today, aw happy birthday you little guys, welcome to the human race, approximately 82 couples got married in the UK today, congrats (don’t forget the first year of marriage is the hardest okay?). Last but by no means least Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating the festival of light! (Which I know technically started yesterday).

When I think about 100 the FHM‘s sexiest list springs to mind, as does 100 best kids toys for Christmas and mad lists you find on-line about 100 things to do before you die (of which about 35 are do-able on an average wage with a family to consider) Not exactly stuff to get massively excited about and who on earth voted for Tulisa? Don’t get me wrong, I like her but when stunner’s such as Emma Stone and Miranda Kerr are alive and well how did she top the poll…..(I’ve just been reliably informed it was because of her ‘tape’).

The blog has been a great outlet for me to practise my writing and to test myself at sticking at something for longer than five minutes. The only other thing I have applied myself to are pregnancy (standard 9 months) and marriage to Geordie (10 months and counting) so sticking to the blog for this long has given me a real confidence boost. My tag line is ‘Procrastination is for Loser’s’ and up until I started the blog I was the biggest loser I knew. I always got so carried away with random ideas that I would quickly tire of and then move onto the next hair-brained idea without success. I would never finish anything and get frustrated with never accomplishing anything. There are even blog posts about such ideas such as the wedding dress, and the weight loss you can read them here and here, the outcomes are predictable; the wedding dress is at the local Age UK charity shop and I’m still 11 stone 4lbs…bugger. Procrastination is a work in progress, but I am most definitely making progress, whatever you have achieved today or if you are celebrating, have a huge congratulations from me. xx

Cake anyone?

Photo credit here

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s only 65 days until Christmas, it’s 45 days until my 30th Birthday and as if that’s not enough to celebrate I’ve been bombarded with emails from a plethora of London fashion hubs enticing me to the capital with their amazing events, shows and exhibitions.

Lady Diana's dress at the V & A museum

Lady Diana’s dress at the V & A museum (Photo credit: heatheronhertravels)

I am literally beside myself with excitement at going to see the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A Museum that premiered today. The exhibition features some of the most famous fashion pieces that made good films iconic, from Darth Vader to Scarlett O’Hara and Indiana Jones. The exhibition is a celebration of 100 years of costume, some of which have never been seen outside of private collections in California. You can read more about it here. I’m super excited.

Somerset House is tempting me with another stunning event, Valentino: Master of Couture from 29th November. Celebrating the life and work of Valentino the exhibition showcases couture creations worn by iconic fashionistas such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren. The exhibition itself is made up of photographs from Valentino’s personal archive as well as 130 haute couture designs situated around a catwalk. You can read more about it here.

About turning 30. I’ve been looking forward to it all year and typically lots of random things have now intervened with my birthday celebrations, I’m possibly writing it off 45 days in advance but when you turn 21 you’ll realise that 9 years is a long time to wait for another awesome birthday and you’ll want it to be fabulous too. To all those who know Geordie and read the blog……give him a heads up would you, I realllllllly want to see these shows.

So Christmas. Lots of people have already started buying Christmas gifts and preparing for the big day this year. I think when you have little ones it helps to be prepared to avoid such episodes as the Cabbage Patch Kids brawling in Newcastle in the late 1980’s (my mum was there, elbows out and all) The last thing you want is to sneak a peek at your kids letters to Santa on Christmas Eve to find they really want a toy that sold out in September. Christmas is totally about kids in our house (human ones not Cabbage Patch), as long as their happy we’re not overly bothered about gifts and as long as Geordie gets as much delicious food as he can eat he’s happy until New Year. My birthday is in late November so I usually put any birthday money I receive towards Christmas gifts for others, its like my safety net for when I forget to buy for someone or a better gift idea arises. I’m eagerly awaiting pay-day so I can start stocking up on goodies for my loved ones and note to family, if you see something you want after the 25th November your more likely to get it!

Are you a super early bird buying Christmas decorations in January or more last minute.com….Hurry there’s only 45 days to go!

(How chic does Miss Piggy look in her black beret?)

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