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Hello….Is it me you’re looking for?


It really has been a while this time, are you well? What have you been up to? Are you all sorted for Christmas? So many questions, so much catching up to do!

I’ll make a coffee and decide where to begin….Sept 14th 2013 would probably be a good start!

Back shortly



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Down With The Kids

Last night I spent an hour watching auditions…no not catching up on X Factor but watching a bunch of 8-12 year olds larking about pretending to be minions, evil queens and dainty princesses. It was the best fun I’ve had in ages!

I’m so pleased to be involved in the camp Christmas Panto this year and my role as Costume Head Honcho (just made that up, sounds awesome doesn’t it….might make a badge too) is going to keep me very busy between now and December. So far on my list of ‘Wants’ I have; two-piece cow costume, goggles, floaty princessy-type dresses, long gloves, clown wigs, evil queen crowns, water-squirting flowers and lots and lots of yellow t-shirts. I knew that working with kids would make for a varied workload but this is by far my most interesting challenge yet.


I nervously crept into the session last night amid lots of questions ‘Who are you?’ ‘why are you here?’ ‘Are you the cleaner?’ and after my initiation of shouting my name very loudly into the middle of the room I was accepted as the costume lady and quickly got involved in discussions about character and plot ideas. The weird and wonderful suggestions that poured out were nothing short of Burton meets Tarantino with a bit of sparkle and pop music thrown in……I know it’s going to be unmissable!

After the brainstorming session the auditions themselves took place, each child given just 60 seconds to perform their best acting/singing/dancing and state their case for which part they’d like…tough crowd. The best by far had to be the girl who stood and very proudly declared she would like to be ‘anything that burps’ and proceeded to let out the most humongous burp I’d ever heard…..well on demand anyway! Priceless.

After a super loud dance around to Gangnam Style, the session ended and it was left to the Youth Club leaders to deliberate over who shone and who was destined to be a tree…(Evil tree who throws apples of course) I’m not sure who is more nervous now, me or the kids? I’m counting the hours until the cast list goes up next week…..

There’s no business like show business!

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The Wire

So new for 2013; I now live in a house situated behind a wire fence, does this make me a prisoner? Hmm not exactly but that depends on how you look at it. I can come and go as I please but to do so I must confirm my identity to anyone who questions my presence. I must tell a man I don’t know if Tesco is delivering my shopping, or if we order a pizza and curly fries on a Friday night. It’s all very surreal and will definitely take come getting used to.

I am once again ill and very worried that my long-awaited operation (scheduled for this Saturday) will be cancelled due to my ill-health. My gp thinks I may have coeliac disease which is why I have been so ill and spending the twilight hours either on the bathroom floor or upside down on the sofa (eases the slipped disc pain). Either way it’s going to go down to the wire on Friday night as to whether I’m well enough to under go the surgery. Bloody wire again!

I am more determined than ever to learn something this year. It’s not a resolution per se just an idea that’s been floating around for several months when I’ve waited to get the house move and Christmas and New Year out-of-the-way first. I’ve made a start and I’m now being hounded by the like of ICS and their £500 price tags for non certified courses, pah jog on!

Contortionist, posed in studio, ca. 1880.

Contortionist, posed in studio, ca. 1880.

The best thing I have to report on this very slow-moving, foggy second week of January is that I am a stone lighter than I was in December. Granted the only physical exertion I’ve done is driving the porcelain bus (vomiting into the toilet for those not familiar with the term) but hey, a loss is a loss. For the first time I have started the new year by losing weight, now I’ve just got all that other stuff to accomplish!

A late night blog post is quite rare for me, I thought I would set myself a challenge and it turns out that yes I can smash out 402 words, order my Tesco shop and enrol at The OU whilst lying upside down on the sofa. What’s your challenge for 2013 and more importantly how’s it going?

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Is It Over?

Happy New Year how was your Christmas? Mine sucked. I’m still walking like an 80 year old who’s crapped herself, I broke my tooth on Christmas Eve and spent the morning of the 25th in the dentist, I under-cooked the turkey and had a dodgy stomach for most of Boxing Day. To make matters worse two of my sister’s gifts didn’t turn up, I laddered my tights getting dressed and I blew the fuse on the tree lights all within an hour. Now before you get me mixed up with the Grinch I am chuckling typing this because even though all of things really did happen, it made for an excellent Christmas! Our kids had a total ball and the icing on the cake was having my girls home and my sister to stay….I don’t think I’ll ever forget her face when she opened the hand crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat I got for her…haha class.

So it didn’t exactly to go plan in the Geordie household, but as Geordie gently explained while I was lying on our bedroom floor with toothache and a face like Quagmire, ‘Babe there is too much expectation on Christmas day as it is, as long as everyone enjoys it then who cares about the traditions?’ He then quickly added ‘But you will still be able to cook right?’ God forbid he doesn’t get turkey and all the trimmings, that’s one tradition that will never be over-looked, no matter how raw it turns out!

One of my best gifts was a letter from the hospital to say I finally have a surgery date and in just a couple of weeks I will need to find something new to moan about as I am preparing for a discectomy oooooh sounds like an I.T term doesn’t it? Thank God for the NHS because as you well know, the last 9 months have been pretty hard going.

I’ve spent the last few weeks gathering blog ideas and hope that as I rapidly approach my 12 month blog anniversary in March I can continue to write vaguely interesting articles you can smile at!

Bring it 2013!

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Is there anyone there…?

Hello how are you? I’m just having five minutes in between packing boxes, cleaning my oven and trying to get the kids in bed sometime before 9pm! Talk about not doing things by half, we’re now moving house just before Christmas and as luck would have it, it’s started snowing both at our current address and the new one eek!

Got lots to tell you about too so seeing as my wonderful Geordie has bought me a Kindle Fire HD I will be able to blog on the go……providing I haven’t already packed it!

Hope you’re doing well and not losing your temper over Christmas preparations, thank god for online shopping right? I’ll be back again shortly so watch this space and have fun in the snow if it falls near you.



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Pretty Green Eyes

This weekend my kids sat down at the dining room table with an array of art equipment to write their letters to Santa. Okay my 14 month old didn’t exactly write her’s but she did scribble on it once eldest daughter and me had finished writing  it out for her. Every year Royal Mail run a letter from Santa service that the children can write to and receive a personalised letter back from the North Pole (local sorting office?) and it officially starts Christmas in the Geordie household.

This year the kids have asked for some fairly standard things although I fear I am already bringing up a teenager at the age of 7, the first thing on her list is an Orbeeze Foot Spa…she’ll want her eye brows waxing next. Luckily her second item is a Barbie Photo Fashion doll which she can have so as long as she’s not taking profile pics for Facebook with it. I was ecstatic to read that I will be receiving roller skates with pink wheels while Geordie will be the proud owner of some new trainers (because he’s always wearing trainers apparently). What I love about this whole tradition is watching how the children totally buy into it, spending a good hour colouring in their lists, carefully writing the address on the envelope and then quickly scribbling things they want but forgot to write on the neat list! So all was well with the world come Sunday evening and everyone went to bed content that Santa would bring the goodies. I had a stroll into the village to post the letters today and was even more chuffed when I bought two first class stamps that had a Santa’s face design drawn by Axel Scheffler who illustrates books such as The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom! Woohoo It’s going to be an awesome Christmas. Just as I was about to post the letters my phone rings from within the abyss of handbag, I switch the baby to the opposite hip and fish my mobile from the abyss of handbag. When I answer it I hear my darlings daughters voice all panicky, instantly I worry what on earth could be wrong?

‘Mum’ she says ‘before you post my letter to Santa don’t forget to write a black fluffy cat with green eyes on the bottom, okay bye’………….Bugger

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Toys R Me

I woke up this morning feeling slightly panicked that I’ve not bought a single gift for Christmas yet, I have bought wrapping paper and a gazillion Christmas decorations but nothing for anyone to open come Christmas morning. Wow in one sentence I managed to write the word Christmas three times, I’m sorry I am well aware that it is only the 15th November and I shall have a word with myself.

I’m probably moving house in December so I’ve got a lot to organise hence the panic that I’ve not even made a start on stocking fillers. I’m very lucky to have two little girls who will play with pretty much anything so the lists to Santa are quite vague, this makes the shopping task easier as it doesn’t involve brawling in Toy R Us and it avoids any hissy fits or tears on the magical morning. Another advantage to having kids around this time of year is that you can make calendars for the grandparents that are easy to do on-line and fairly cheap (sorry Mum and Dad but with the state of the economy and all). So the kids are easy enough to buy for but when I was a kid I had a list written out from around September time and thanks to hours of trawling through the Argos catalogue I even noted down the item number to make it easier for Santa (prob not surprising that I would go on to work in auditing). When I wander around Smyths these days there is so much that I want even now, that I can’t get my kids to love as much as me;

1. Operation. I never got this as a kid but got a few go’s at school on bring a toy to school day and what’s not to like about prizing limbs from a human body while trying to avoid having the life frightened out of you by a klaxon? A&E it ain’t.

2. Fashion Wheel. I’m pretty sure my step-sister got this at some point and I absolutely loved it. I could easily while away the hours designing 1980’s power suits and floral tea dresses now. I might actually order one.

3. Mr Frosty. It’s just so awesome and you can never get bored with eating coloured ice right?

It’s taken me twice as long as usual to write this blog as I’ve got 6 other browser windows open looking at cool toys, its official being an adult sucks. If you have kids you can’t help but love Christmas (sorry) seeing their eyes light up when they believe Santa has been and delivered their goodies and the frenzy that follows really is magical. I can’t wait to spend most of the day lying on the living room floor setting up various games and removing the ridiculous amount of packaging on the Barbie dream house…….what it’s for the kids!


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Day 10,934

Is it just me or did October literally fly by? See you later Halloween, shame our village ran out of pumpkins two days before the event and we only had two trick or treater’s all night. Boring!

Well here is day one of the November challenge NaBloPoMo where I have pledged to write a blog post every day for the entire month. Thank you to my cousin and fellow blogger for the heads up on this event! I’m looking forward to reading what ideas she comes up with for this mammoth task! You can read it too here

It’s going to be a very busy month for me, as you might have guessed from the title I’m counting down/up to a big event, my 30th Birthday, surely then I will have plenty to write about?! According to a super accurate Google search I am 10,934 days old and my have I packed a lot into that time. If you’ve read my About page or know me personally you’ll already know the ins and outs about my disastrous first attempt at marriage, dating and the ups and downs of being a divorced shared-custody parent.

Today I am going to write a bit of a round up…here goes.

First and foremost I am going to put cushions on my bed. I realise that from the seriousness of the last paragraph to something as frivolous as cushions is a might leap but stay with me. I am sewing pointless, pretty, girly coloured cushions and Geordie is just going to have to like it. For the last three years our bed linen has been a limited palette of black, grey or white and I have yearned for colour and pattern and accessories for far too long, if Geordie doesn’t like it he can sleep in the kids bunk beds. He never makes the bed anyway so who cares if I have to pick up a few extra cushions? Oh yeah, it’s on!

The second thing that’s going to change is that our wonderful, beautiful children are going to sleep in their own beds, both of them, all night, every night. If I have to wake up in the early hours nursing a tiny size 4 foot against my throat once more I’m going to lose the plot! So kids beware, it’s definitely on!

The last thing that’s going to change at the moment is that I am going to commit much more time to writing. I have started already but accepting the NaBloPoMo challenge and by viewing the local nursery so that I can leave my little one is good hands for a couple of hours a week and not have her sticky, pudgy fingers tapping away on the keyboard at the same time as me. For a 13 month old she has a very good typing speed, just need to work on the accuracy.

So coming up this month I will be focusing on Movember, Winter Fashion trends, Remembrance, Thanks Giving, my 30th birthday, Christmas preparation, Christmas party etiquette (also known as office Christmas party gossip) and of course the ever reliable Geordie. Hope that’s ok with you?

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s only 65 days until Christmas, it’s 45 days until my 30th Birthday and as if that’s not enough to celebrate I’ve been bombarded with emails from a plethora of London fashion hubs enticing me to the capital with their amazing events, shows and exhibitions.

Lady Diana's dress at the V & A museum

Lady Diana’s dress at the V & A museum (Photo credit: heatheronhertravels)

I am literally beside myself with excitement at going to see the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A Museum that premiered today. The exhibition features some of the most famous fashion pieces that made good films iconic, from Darth Vader to Scarlett O’Hara and Indiana Jones. The exhibition is a celebration of 100 years of costume, some of which have never been seen outside of private collections in California. You can read more about it here. I’m super excited.

Somerset House is tempting me with another stunning event, Valentino: Master of Couture from 29th November. Celebrating the life and work of Valentino the exhibition showcases couture creations worn by iconic fashionistas such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren. The exhibition itself is made up of photographs from Valentino’s personal archive as well as 130 haute couture designs situated around a catwalk. You can read more about it here.

About turning 30. I’ve been looking forward to it all year and typically lots of random things have now intervened with my birthday celebrations, I’m possibly writing it off 45 days in advance but when you turn 21 you’ll realise that 9 years is a long time to wait for another awesome birthday and you’ll want it to be fabulous too. To all those who know Geordie and read the blog……give him a heads up would you, I realllllllly want to see these shows.

So Christmas. Lots of people have already started buying Christmas gifts and preparing for the big day this year. I think when you have little ones it helps to be prepared to avoid such episodes as the Cabbage Patch Kids brawling in Newcastle in the late 1980’s (my mum was there, elbows out and all) The last thing you want is to sneak a peek at your kids letters to Santa on Christmas Eve to find they really want a toy that sold out in September. Christmas is totally about kids in our house (human ones not Cabbage Patch), as long as their happy we’re not overly bothered about gifts and as long as Geordie gets as much delicious food as he can eat he’s happy until New Year. My birthday is in late November so I usually put any birthday money I receive towards Christmas gifts for others, its like my safety net for when I forget to buy for someone or a better gift idea arises. I’m eagerly awaiting pay-day so I can start stocking up on goodies for my loved ones and note to family, if you see something you want after the 25th November your more likely to get it!

Are you a super early bird buying Christmas decorations in January or more last minute.com….Hurry there’s only 45 days to go!

(How chic does Miss Piggy look in her black beret?)

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