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Legs 11

To update you from yesterdays blog, I am now drinking a Kopparberg and eating what’s left of my kids party bags, an awesome Saturday night in.

So on to matters of the weekend variety. My eldest was invited to a 7th birthday party today and as she is growing out of clothes at a rate of knots we ended up heading into the city this morning to buy her a new party outfit. My first choice for children’s clothes is H&M, their kids range is trendy, great quality and very reasonable on price. All of these factors are important when you are raising the next Katy Perry. The first item she picked up when entering the store was a Rolling Stonest-shirt complete with sequinned tongue and union jack lips. She’s 7!!

Wow. Kids these days shop at Nordstrom?

(Photo credit: Malingering)

It took just ten minutes to blow £74 on a party outfit and a new coat for school, although I guess in the current climate that’s probably fairly cheap? It does amaze me how young our children are when they start to develop their own taste and sense of style. I know one little girl how won’t allow her Mum to dress her, even for school. She chooses the various parts of her uniform as well as matching hair accessories and just a tiny hint of lip balm in the Winter months, the weekends must be a nightmare. I consider myself fairly lucky in that my daughter will, 9 times out of 10 wear whatever clothes I have set out for her without too much griping. The only downside is that she is literally shooting up, suffering growing pains to prove it and is now wearing age 10 jeans with a very tight belt to cover her spindly long legs.

Zara is a good retailer for tall girls too. Their leg length is generous and the clothes are good quality yet for the amount of wear and tear I feel a tad overpriced. This hasn’t stopped me buying blazers, jump suits and long sleeve tee’s from there in abundance. Geordie often rolls his eyes at just how many impulse buys we can cram into a few hours shopping.

I wonder what it would be like to be a parent with no fashion sense, to select clothes for your kids that simply keep them warm or cool regardless of colour or co=ordination. Nope can’t do it,,,,,could barely finish typing that sentence. My Mum could always tell from 100 yard when my Dad had dressed us, resembling a box of Smarties most times. Although my Dad used to make us rice, square sausage and gravy for tea when my Mum worked late shirts, I don’t think the bar was ever set too high.

So back to beautifully coordinated, fashionable, immaculately turned out children. My Daughter chose sequined dress, tights, ballet flats and bolero, however just twenty minutes into the disco the dress had come a cropper thanks to the chocolate fountain. I wont pretend I’m not absolutely delighted that I have a future fashionista in training, I just wish she could stay clean a little longer!


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Suits You Sir

We had a fight yesterday, well actually I had a fight, launched a half ironed shirt at Geordie and stormed into our daughters room to play with Lego to calm down. By now most of you will have worked out that Geordie is a constant cause of distress to me, and while I love the scruffy sod he gets on my nerves so badly sometimes I could cry. Here’s how it went down.

‘Should we go for a walk around the village, get a bit of fresh air?’

‘Yeah okay then I’ll stick the iron on to sort some clothes

‘Why what’s wrong with what I’m wearing?’

You can probably guess which side of the conversation belong to whom? During this exchange Geordie was sporting a pair of Adidas navy blue track suit bottoms, with marks on, a long sleeve blue training top with a white marathon finishers t-shirt over the top, also with visible marks on it. Plus he wore the same clothes the day before (hence the marks). While we were conversing I started ironing a plain white t-shirt for him and silently bullied him into finding a clean pair of jeans. I pulled out a blue shirt and began to iron the collar when I stupidly asked ‘What’s up with you?’ to which I got a very terse reply resulting in me chucking the shirt at him and cracking on with my Lego building in the next room.

It’s so frustrating, why go out dressed like a retired P.E teacher when you have three, yes 3 wardrobes full of clothes that are perfectly clean, well-fitting and on trend? Arghhh I’m actually getting annoyed again writing this! Twenty minutes later he saunters out of the bedroom wearing jeans and the t-shirt, clearly ironing the rest of the blue shirt was a step too far and would seem like I had won that particular battle. Okay so he’s spent the last 10 years in the military being told what to wear and how to wear it, so what difference does it make if I give the orders? Oh dear that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a long and happy marriage does it? Just call me the domestic chief of staff.

If Geordie had no decent clothes (which lets face it would never happen) it wouldn’t bother me so much, but I’ve bought him shed loads over the years and its a constant battle to get him to take some pride in his appearance and to give a crap about how I feel walking down the street with the northern version of Worzel Gummage!

We’re off to a farmers market this morning, I’m genuinely worried someone might try to buy him to frighten off the crows!


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Uniform Fashion

It’s the start of a new school year and girls around the country are donning their crisp white shirts, pleated skirts and shiny new shoes for the first day of term. I was thinking how easy it was to put on the clothes that were dictated to me day after day for 11 long school years before flying the nest for nonconformist college where, for the first time I faced the dilemma of what to wear? If I’d have known this drama would raise its ugly head on a daily basis I would have opted for sixth form and the safety of the monochrome clothing rule.

I decided to study a HND in Fashion & Textiles at college, I thought that by taking this creative route I would be allowed the freedom to portray my artistic flair in my clothing without prejudice and I was thanks to my fellow wannabe designers. I was so lucky to share my workspace with some seriously talented people who were so self-confident their enthusiasm to shock rubbed off on me instantly. My friend Andrew would wear chaps fashioned from old curtains over Calvin Klein boxers and saunter down to the cafeteria for a bacon butty among the open-mouthed non-fashion students (sadly I don’t have picture evidence) We would make skirts from bubble wrap, wear towering heels with grubby overalls from the workshops and screen print as many foul swear words as you can name onto t-shirts to wear when we went charity shop browsing. I absolutely loved that time at college and I learned that while we were ridiculed for our random/daring/silly fashion choices, thanks to safety in numbers I felt it was okay to be different.

Image: Twoflatwhites.com

Clothing rules have relaxed so much in the last decade, my daughters infant teacher wears Converse and A&F for school, she always looks smart but its such a long way from the full pleat floral skirt and blouse combo that my primary teacher wore. When I was at high school (not that long ago) there was a teacher who wore Mango tops, Topshop jeans and knee length boots for work and was the envy of a lot of girls in my year. She certainly stood out from the sea of brown skirt suits and black patent kitten heels favoured by the languages department. I wonder if the women who wear a uniform everyday yearn for the freedom to make their own clothing choice in the mornings or are they happier to not have to check the weather, think about feet hurting in heels or remember to put extra tights in their handbag in case of a ladder emergency? Plus if the guys are in uniform too they don’t have to contend with Disney ties, days of the week socks or patterned waistcoats. Guys in uniform equals a win…every time.

To all the teenagers who are already manipulating their boring school uniform into something more fashionable, enjoy the monotony of looking like everyone else because it wont be long before you’re up at 6am dragging everything you own out of your wardrobe trying to find a suitably chic outfit for yet another day at work.

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It Could Be You


This Friday see’s the EuroMillion’s jackpot draw reach the dizzy heights of £138m, what’s the first thing you would do if you won the jackpot? The absolute first thing I would do is ring my husband at work and tell him to get home sharpish to check I wasn’t having some kind of psychotic meltdown and that we had just become insanely rich. I wonder how long it takes to sink in?

D.C. Lottery

Gotta be in it, to win it!

If you’re anything like my family we’re constantly budgeting for our bills and shopping, plus odds and ends for the kids and school uniforms for the new school year to make those pounds and pence go a little further each month . So after winning such a huge amount of money, do these sensible practices go out of the window? Regardless of price my daughter’s uniform would still come from Marks & Spencer and shoes from Clarks because she’ll still wreck them the first week back at school. No Gucci for the little ones just yet!

Once all the sensible boxes are ticked i.e. paying off debts, buying a nice house and putting money into bonds for our daughters, I’d go on a ridiculous spending spree starting at Chanel, Paris! Sorry UK, but it’s going to take more than £1m shopping spree to fix our economy. (Bizarrely some of the fabric supplied to Chanel comes from a factory down the road from where I live in Cumbria!)

I think the biggest advantage of having disposable income is being able to travel. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a little bit before having my two girls, often taking them with us (NY & Vegas) but any time I’m asked where I’d like to go I can easily real off 10+ places I simply have to visit before I kick the bucket…..

1. Niagara Falls, Canada

2. Cannes, France

3. Sorrento, Italy

4. Darwin, Australia

5. San Francisco, USA

6. Monte Carlo, Monaco

7. Waikiki, Hawaii

8. Washington, USA

9. Cape Verde Islands

10. Port Louis, Mauritius

That’s my top ten at the moment, it changes almost daily thanks to the power of the Internet as I find out amazing things about new places all the time. Some say that money can’t buy happiness, but I believe it can buy options and choices that can lead to happiness. Maybe I should actually buy a ticket this week? If you don’t hear from me after the draw on Friday, it’ll probably be because I’m wallowing in disappointment that I didn’t get a single number…or because I can’t get an Internet connection on Waikiki beach!


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The Dread of Ed

Once again……it’s been a very difficult couple of weeks with my back injury and I’ve found it hard to write in an upbeat kind of way. After being poked, prodded and x-rayed to within an inch of my life I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to be in pain for about six months. Enough of the pity! In an attempt to divert the thoughts of  ‘Oh my god that bloody hurts’ I’ve decided to focus on the blog, and in particular about people who get on my nerves. I did say that I would never use my blog as  platform to hate but come on……I know you hate politicians, and Kim Kardashian as much as I do right?

Ed Miliband, British politician and Secretary ...

Ed Miliband, British politician(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a real problem with Ed Miliband. (For those outside of the UK I suggest a quick whirl around this link to familiarise yourself if you’re to join in with the sentiment of this article). I am definitely not going to force my political views on you but I do like to have a moan about Ed. I’m just so bored by the grey suits, broken promises of a better Britain and constant bitching. I  want to hear about more office affairs, political wives in high-end fashion and preferably Barack Obama as PM. I really couldn’t think of a more dithering, cringe-worthy leader for a political party and possibly the country, the man just oozes discomfort and supply teacher awkwardness. You can tell I’ve been forced to stay in traction for the majority of the last fortnight as I’ve come across some hilarious images and websites dedicated to the personification of ‘arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ that is Ed.

You’d think we could rely on Ed having a stunner of a wife who is a London Fashion Week, front row regular and rocks the tabloid gossip columns with her fabulous outfits, sadly not. Ed’s missus Justine Thornton (too embarrassed to use his surname?) is a big fan of understated dresses and masculine trousers suits, she also has a hairstyle not dissimilar to Paul Weller‘s mod crop, only difference is he makes it look good. I must give a little credit to Justine, when she married Ed in May 2011 she wore a beautiful Grecian type gown that really suited her small frame and lack of flowing mane, Ed wore a suit.

Ed has definitely missed the boat in the fashion stakes whereas Justine offers a slight glimmer of hope once in a while, fair enough his job dictates that a smart suit is a must, but he could jazz it up a little with a funky shirt and tie combo, maybe get a thing going wearing interesting/designer cuff links? Knowing Ed he’d take it too far and end up further denting his reputation with a series of musical, spinning bow ties….just leave it Ed.

I feel a bit guilty writing this, I don’t like dissing people because at the end of the day who gets dressed in the morning, looks in the mirror and says ‘Wow I look a total mess, yeeeahhh’ ?? I feel like I should try to do something to help Ed to climb a little higher in the cool stakes and maybe even secure a few votes when it matters, but the more I Google search and my insides curdle with cringe-worthy images and news clippings I just don’t think it’s possible.

Maybe I’ll write him a note, or send Gok Wan around? On the off-chance that you see this Ed and Justine, please stop being so awkward, please on behalf of the people.


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On The Job

I’ll get straight to the point……What do you wear to an interview today and does your choice of attire have to be relevant to the occupation? I am one of a rare breed, I love interviews. I also love going to the dentist, airline food and writing online dating profiles. The latter being a thing of the past now that I’m GeordiesGirl, but I am still called upon by the odd close friend to help ‘advertise their assets’ Wow that sounds totally seedy! I’m just good at viewing the profile as a self-advertisement where as when you write your own your maybe a little more conservative?

Back to interviews…..A good friend of mine went to an interview a couple of weeks ago,  he was hoping to secure the role of Assistant Manager in a retail store and text me for advice on what to wear. It’s been over 18 months since I had an interview but I have attended meetings and open days in that time and so kept my hand in with professional etiquette. Back in the day you could spot an interviewee at 100 paces, proudly carrying their record of achievement in one arm and sweating profusely in an awkward fitting Burton suit. Fast forward ten years and the goal posts have most definitely moved. As office attire has grown more casual with men not being forced to wear ties, and women narrowly getting away with sandals/platforms in some work places it becomes a real nightmare to know what is acceptable and to whom?


Too Casual? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s say your going for an interview to be a swimming instructor, what would you wear? A tracksuit…too casual? Is a formal suit, shirt and tie a little over the top? Your best Speedo‘s and goggles? What about if you were the manager of the Leisure Centre, what would you expect an interviewee to wear for such a meeting? From my friend’s quandry I can appreciate that it is more difficult to judge the situation when the role you’re applying for does not conform to the traditional office dress code. The last resort is to call the prospective new employer (and show lack of initiative) and ask ‘What should I wear’.

After three or four text pictures of suitable smart shirts and trousers combo’s we finally settled on a light blue Paul Smith Oxford shirt, Ralph Lauren navy blue chino-type trousers and Lanvin shoes, exactly what I would consider to be a smart casual look to work in management at a high street fashion store. We agreed that the outfit suggested that he was familiar with high street designers and knew what was currently on-trend in menswear. His choice of footwear was carefully selected to reflect the stores product lines, in my humble opinion it ticked all the boxes.

On the day of interview I don’t know who was more nervous me or him, but when the text came through a long, agonising week later to say he had got the job, I was ecstatic. As I write this my friend is preparing to begin his new job on Monday and probably enjoying his last Saturday lie in for a long time, at least he would have been had I not text him at 7:30am to check he definitely did wear the Paul Smith shirt?

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Project Nip/Tuck

I’ve felt a little bored these last few weeks what with my back troubles and not really being able to do a lot, my creative spidey-sense has tingled for a little project to get my teeth into. Having spent the afternoon clearing out my girls’ wardrobes to give the old items away to charity I remembered I had my ruined wedding dress hanging in the spare room and as no one has actually worn it, it’s definitely ripe for a little creative tailoring!

My husband and I got married in deepest, darkest January with just 8 weeks notice and so choosing a dress was always going to be difficult. Most current season dresses take on average 16 weeks on order from designers/wholesalers, plus January is about as much ‘out of season’ as you can possibly get. Luckily I happened upon a local bridal boutique in the middle of a sale. I had some reservations about how I wanted to look on my wedding day, I have been married before and had the big fairytale white dress complete with princess-wannabee tiara. Now I’m a little older, a mum and getting married in a registry office I didn’t think the big meringue was appropriate?! Also, my baby was only four months old at this time and so I was still carrying a little more weight than I am normally comfortable with. Jeeze, talk about taking the fun out of it!

I finally settled on an Ivory silk dupion, strapless, A-line gown with a small train.  I fell in love with the fit and although it’s strapless the bodice fit and moulded my upper body perfectly without showing too much flesh. You may be able to see from the (badly positioned) photo’s that the silk is gathered to one side where there are natural pleats which sit beautifully on the hip. The dress has little detail to speak of, silk buttons down the concealed zip at the back, and the natural creasing of the fabric allows the dress to look elegant without embellishments. To complete my ensemble I opted for a small feathered shrug in ivory to cover my shoulders and a simple three strand hair band with ivory pearl beads to stand out from my dark brown hair. You may have gathered from this description that I am a plain girl at heart, its all about clean lines and symmetry for me!

So with four weeks to go I my bridesmaids had their dresses and coordinated acessories and I’d spent three days lovingly hand stitching a chapel length ribbon edged veil to sit low in my hair on the day. My outfit was complete and I was so pleased with myself to see my efforts really pay off.

Imagine my complete horror when on the Thursday evening, two days before my wedding, I collected the dresses from the bridal boutique to find the staff there has IRONED my SILK DUPOIN dress! The natural creases in the dress had a black streak to them and my dress looked dirty. I appreciate that the dress was a sale item but who on earth would sell a wedding dress knowing full well it was dirty? I was in floods of tears on the phone to my fiance, we tried everything to have the dress sorted out but as the fabric cannot be cleaned I was left with a dirty gown just 36 hours from my big day.

Luckily my fiance, now husband, saved the day and thanks to Debenhams I had a beautiful white Grecian styled column dress for my big day.

Now I have the ivory strapless gown, and its dirty marks in front of me and I’m wondering what on earth to do with it? I can’t wash it, and according to the bridal boutique steaming wont make any difference. So I guess I’m going to have to cover it with something?

Instead of looking at it with disgust at how much stress it caused me and my family, I am going to cut and sew it into a success story all of it’s on. I’ll update through the process and if you have any ideas about how to modify this dress please do leave a comment, it would be great to hear from you. Photo’s below.

Wish me Luck!

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The Missing Link?

When I was growing up my Mum and Dad always said that the things people remember about you is your teeth and your nails. A bit random really, I’m sat here thinking about all the people I met today on my 100 miles journey home and I can remember most of what they were wearing and their accents, but not a thing about their teeth or nails. Maybe it was just a bit of scaremongering to make sure I had a beautiful smile and manicured nails when I reached my twenties and they could successfully marry me off? I tend to notice a lot about people, I passed the observation test to join the police force with flying colours, although didn’t pursue it. People watching is a fabulous past time and one that the Official Olympic Committee have seriously overlooked.

I’m sure you’ll be sick to your shiny back teeth hearing about my sister’s wedding, but you may be pleased to hear that it was last Saturday and so I can stop milking the event for blog material. It was a great opportunity to people watch as well as catch up with family and take in all the little details of the congregation and their attire.

A the wedding breakfast my eldest daughter was seated next to a lovely young man called Jack, and although he is 8 years older than my little one, he spent the majority of the meal playing noughts and crosses and generally entertaining the younger ones much to my relief. I got talking to Jack’s mum and she was telling me about his personality and that he has the potential to be the next Alan Sugar when it comes to spotting a profitable business opportunity at the school gates. During the speeches I looked over to chastise my daughter for chatting when I noticed Jack was wearing cuff links with his very dapper suit and shirt ensemble, in keeping with his entrepreneurial spirit, his accessory of choice was Only Fools and Horses yellow van cuff links. I was super impressed and wondered if he had chosen them himself but felt it was totally uncool to ask!

It’s funny how little decisions in life make an impact on how others see us. We will always live in an opinionated and judgemental society, it’s just human nature and it takes a lot of courage to stand out from the crowds these days. It has been known in recent years that people have suffered horrific attacks simply for the way they look, yet some still have the courage to resist the urge to conform.

Accessories are the perfect way to make a statement about who you are and what you believe in, and for men in particular ties and cuff links are the perfect accompaniment to a traditional suit. Women don’t have it so easy. We are almost expected to make every single outfit we wear visibly customised by carefully choosing from a vast array of jewellery, hats and bags etc on the market. Ever turned up at a party and someone else is wearing the same dress as you? Then you’ll understand the importance of accessories.

I helped my Dad get ready on the morning of the wedding and when he asked me to fasten his cuff links I was a little shocked by his choice……. Hologram Pole Dancers…..really Dad? The wedding was lovely, and I will of course type up a full report on the proceedings when my sister and her new husband return from honeymoon and I’ve vetted all the photographs that I appear in.

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I really dislike swimwear with a passion borne from having my first child at the age of 22 and not fulfilling my destiny to be a Sports Illustrated model…yeah in my wildest dreams. But without wanting to sound like my Mum, I had an awesome body before I had kids. I’ve always been lucky to have a fast metabolism and I’m tall so I carried any weight gain quite well through to my early twenties. Then I had two kids who both eat for England and are little skinny gazelles, it’s so unfair.

The time has come to get my wobbly behind back into shape, I’ve started taking small-ish steps back into fitness, with the slipped disc in tow I can’t get out running again yet but it wont be long. I have decided that swimming is going to be my therapy and work-out so tonight I will be frightening small kids and giving teenagers plenty to laugh at when I don my Special K-esque red swim suit and breast-stroke my way to a better body.

I’ve just had a skip through Glamour and Company magazines and yet again I’m dismayed at the sheer amount of bikini’s that are ‘hot’ this season. Admittedly the 1950’s inspired one piece swim suits are making a come back and gaining popularity year on year, and then of course there are the inbetweeners, tankini’s and cut away one pieces that cover up the bad bits and flaunt the best bits. On family holidays I have worn everything from frilly Barbie swimming costumes to my first C&A bikini which was turquoise tartan and I thought I looked amazing! Thinking back over trips abroad my finest hour was rocking a monochrome cut away one piece by Giles Deacon for New Look. It was swimwear perfection, cut away sides, hidden support and a one shoulder design. It really did make me feel like a young, chic girl on holiday with her mates, as opposed to a twenty-something harassed mum on an all-inclusive kid friendly week of hell. Now that I’ve had another baby its going to take more than a clever pattern and one shoulder design to hide all the junk in my trunk.

I know I’m heading back to the same conclusion as a earlier post or two, but once again it all comes down to confidence. I doubt I’m ever going to feel completely at ease in swimwear, so as long as Figleaves.com continues to stock 79 different varieties of shape enhancing one pieces I will be comfortable enough to bare my cellulite once in a while and teach my kids to swim……or at least float.

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Hey Good Lookin’

I’ve been thinking about writing an article about my other half for a while and its only the worry of publicly mocking his dress sense that has stopped me. I realised that he gets far more stick on Facebook from his work mates than I could ever inflict on him using fancy words, so here it goes.

The first time I met my bloke he was wearing Gap jeans, a Haynes Manual Ford Cortina t-shirt and Fred Perry pumps, all fairly casual, standard items for a 29-year-old guy. I knew he had potential to pull off a range of looks, he’s tall, broad-shouldered and stuck in the 90’s so there was definitely room for improvement. It’s only fair to detail what I was wearing at our first meeting too, Gap Pinstripe Shell top, River Island cropped jeans and Irregular Choice shoes. I could have been more conservative but you only get once chance at a first impression and I thought I’d make a statement, you can probably tell that we’re complete opposites already?

The natural progression for fashion-shy boy meets switched-on girl is that she moulds him into a socially acceptable dresser and broadens his fashion horizons by introducing smart casual garments into his collection of footy shirts and jeans. Also you’d expect that someone with a passion for all things trendy would be in her element starting out with a fresh canvas, however my husband is rather stubborn and the last three years have been something of a battle. If you stopped him in the street and asked him ‘Who’ he was wearing I’m pretty sure he would think you were a pervert.

My bloke likes to wear what he calls ‘manly’ clothes. He’s not into knitwear, suit jackets (when not wearing a suit) or shoes that are anything other than Timberland boots, Onitsuka Tiger Trainers or Dune brogues. Not a bad start really as I’ve never been attracted to guys who take longer than me to get ready for a date. But when sportswear is the ONLY option he resembles a P.E teacher rather than sexy jock. Same goes for trousers really, Gap jeans or combats have been his only casual wear until we reluctantly tiptoed into Next and purchased a pair of sand colour chino’s that definitely didn’t make him look like a JLS wannabe. Clothes shopping with him is like dragging Horrid Henry around Debenhams, you know it’s going to end with someone being in a huff and a Costa Coffee to clear the air.

We were on a roll, a couple of plain white versatile t’s followed, and god forbid, a pair of navy blue espadrilles that he’s had to wear around the house a few times to get used to. Now that I have endured half a dozen of these courageous shopping trips I think I have nailed the approach and can get him to wear a plethora of more stylish items, it’s all about confidence. It’s not really about copying the mannequin in the Zara store window, or forwarding him the trend report emails from ASOS menswear as a hint, it’s simply about making him feel confident in the clothes he wears….. Albeit in slightly more interesting ensembles than a 1997 football hooligan.

What’s so infuriating about this whole situation is that he looks good in everything, I’m not just saying that. I’m very lucky to have a good-looking guy for a husband and I’m well aware of that, but its kind of taken the fun out of watching the metamorphosis from a 1990’s country bumpkin into an on-trend, passionate dresser. I’ve accepted the fact that it’s going to be a long process and that I should carry on bin bagging the washed out and misshapen Superdry t-shirts when he’s at work and replace them with Zara fine knit jumpers. Hope he doesn’t read this!

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One Store, One Life

If you were only allowed to shop in one store for the rest of your life how difficult would it be to choose? Selecting a store that not only fits your current style and taste but one that also grow’s with you and adapts to changes in your lifestyle would for me, be top of the list right above paltry decisions such as what to name my child and ‘Do you take this man…..? I’ve pondered this question since around 6am and its taken me until now (18.41) to make a final decision. My choice would be Zara because I’m a stickler for tailoring and I love that year on year they produce quality on-trend,  seasonal fashion as well as the classics with a twist. Lets face it, according to today’s budget from a sheepish looking George Osbourne, I’m going to have to work til I die, so I may as well look good doing it, right?

I’m lucky enough I am working for Pixie Dust Merchandising next week and as I’ve been off work for 12 months I desperately need to head into the city tomorrow to buy new luggage and a capsule wardrobe for my foray back into the world of business, naturally my first port of call will be Zara. This transition has come at a bit of an awkward time, apparently it’s Spring yet the temperature here hasn’t reached bare leg status, neither can I seem to let go of my pashmina’s so I suspect I’m going to find it difficult to match my attire to the change of season. But fear not, I have just received a style email from the über chic bods at Zara who tell me that new season twill Capri pants and crochet hem shell tops are now available in store. A perfect combination teamed with a tailored blazer, pashmina and heels (emergency ballet flats in my bag ) Hallelujah!

Now all I need to do is find some stylish luggage from the high street. Hmmm not such as easy task. My options are fairly limited due to time frame and location, so House of Fraser and Debenhams are looking like my best bet. To my delight there is a stunning little silver beauty on offer from Samsonite, however the price tag is one I can ill afford until my work is complete, I will settle for the less glamorous Tripp at Debenhams version until my riches are received.

I shall report back on my shopping trip and see if my purchases match that of my virtual fancy. With a bit of luck no one will get hurt, tally Ho!

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