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The Morning Line

Well I’m sat in pyjamas in the living room with a huge wad of tissue stuck up my nose as I have started the day with my obligatory nosebleed…. and toast.¬†Everyone who knows is used¬†to seeing me like this (nosebleed not the pjays) as I started getting them on an almost daily basis since I started secondary school age 11. I wonder if it had anything to do with all those lamp posts I walked into as a child?

Anyway so this is a fairly typical start to my morning. My youngest will annoy the life out of me to get up and watch cartoons, we’ll share some toast after she’s devoured a beaker of warm milk and then she will happily sit and watch me run backwards and forwards to the bathroom changing the plug in my nose until its stopped. What a way to start the day! On school mornings we have a very strict time-table that involves me getting up and hour before I even wake the kids up, unfortunately the nosebleed also seem to mess that up too and although we’ve never been late for school, we’ve been close to the wire thanks to my stupid, weak cartilage!

I find it very hard to have a lie in, once I’m awake I find it really difficult to just lie in bed doing nothing. I’m the complete opposite if I’m engrossed in a good book though, I’d quite happily stay in bed all day in that case. At the weekends I’m up around 7.30am and after sorting the baby out I clean up around the house and catch up with the news. When my eldest daughter was born I would use Saturday mornings as my escape from being a full-time mum, I’d get up early leave the baby in bed with Daddy and head into the city for a bit of retail therapy. These few hours just wandering around on my own helped me to feel like a normal human being instead of just a bedraggled servant to this tiny little dictator we’d created, good job she’s cute! Now that we have the two girls Monday night is Mummy night so I can have a long bath or go for a drink with my friend and chill out while Daddy takes over dinner and bedtime. There is no chance of going to town on my own on a Saturday morning now as my 7 going on 25-year-old Katy Perry wannabe would most definitely want to come with me and (as my friend Adele calls it) my Magic Mum Purse. It’s not always easy to stick to having some me time, my long soak in the bath has been regularly invaded by my eldest sat on the toilet seat reading to me while the baby collects toys from her bedroom to drop into my bath water! The only time that no one wants to come with me is when I walk the dog, maybe I’ll make that Mummy time instead?


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