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A Lesson in Greed

Come·up·pance; A punishment or retribution that one deserves; one’s just deserts:

In a earlier blog post I explained that I am no stranger to acts of stupidity and yet often wonder why things always happen to me? In my latest escapade it would be pure greed that would eventually serve me my ‘just deserts’.

At Easter time my Mum always buys the children an Easter egg and sets up an egg hunt around her garden, Easter 2011 was no different. Instead of buying us Easter eggs now that we’re pushing 30 years old, my Mum buys a big bag of Galaxy caramel and Diary Milk Caramel eggs to share out with a cuppa on Easter Sunday after a huge sumptuous dinner. As a big chocolate lover I devoured mine in seconds and it was only later that evening that I spied three extra eggs in the top of my Mum’s fridge and thought to myself, yes I can totally snaffle one of those without anyone knowing. To use one of my Dad’s favourite sayings; My eyes were bigger than my belly and I only got in two measly bites before I started to feel a bit ill. I admitted defeat and wrapped what was left of the caramel egg in the foil wrapper and hid it in my handbag so that no one would know.

As a rule when swapping my handbags over I always empty them out, including all pockets and put them back into their dust bags to make sure they last as long as possible and stay in tip-top condition. Check me out, I’m such a good bag owner! Is there a badge for that? Anyway I obviously overlooked one small, sticky item in my favourite aubergine Radley bag one bright Spring day. Unfortunately for me I didn’t realise this until about two weeks ago when I unwrapped said bag from its pink dust cover and had to prize the sides apart. Yes 18 whole months later. This is the result…

I have tried everything to get the caramel off but it’s as stubborn as a mule and having none of it. I’ve frozen it, gently antibacterialised (made up word) it and pondered bleaching it but I can’t possible use such harsh chemicals near its soft leather outer, it would be ruined from the outside as well as in. Waaaaaa

I have learned a very valuable lesson, never ever give in when you think you’ve had enough, channel the thoughts and energy into finishing what you started because if you’re going to be greedy, do a decent job. Also tin foil is not a dense enough covering for caramel eggs, I have written to Cadbury and asked them to clean my bag. Still waiting for a response……



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Seasonal Style

What a day it’s been! When I left the house this morning in perfectly weather suitable attire I was on top of the world. I arrived home three hours later freezing cold and grumpy. I detest the changing of the season’s especially now that they are so harsh. One day its 22 degrees the next we have an inch of snow, what are we supposed to wear?

Screenshot of Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber...

Look at that rain! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I took my daughter to a children’s party this morning. I wore Gap cropped jeans, Topshop floral singlet, Zara prep blazer and ballet flats, accessorized with my large River Island tote and umbrella. The sun was shining so we both donned our sunglasses and headed out to have some fun. Imagine my dismay when half way through my over-priced hot chocolate I look out of the gaudily painted windows to see the rain hurling itself at the car park at an alarming rate. Yes, I have an umbrella but the wind also picked up considerably and while staying dry is majorly important when one has short hair, not being dragged down the street imitating a bad Mary Poppins takes precedence. This made me grumpy knowing I would have to go out and get wet feet and fasten the buttons on my blazer which makes me look like a nerd. How dare the weather change so suddenly?

I’m an avid checker of weather forecasts, I even have a friend who works at the Met Office, although this alliance has never given me the edge over anyone who catches the daily weather forecast during Daybreak. Is it just me or are seasonal changes taking forever to happen these days? Wasn’t Spring supposed to have started about a month ago and surely Summer is just around the corner, so what’s with the snow? My poor handbag is battered with carrying extra items of clothing among all my usual junk. Ordinarily I might have a pashmina and sunglasses lurking in there but in addition I’m now carrying a cardigan, socks and all important plastic bag to wrap my soggy umbrella in. Inter-season dressing is getting me down, the store displays and magazines have flaunted the SS12 trends for weeks and it seems like we will never get a chance to actually wear it. Is there a Summer in sight?

Needless to say, my daughter and I ditched the soggy ballet flats for comfy Christmas socks and spent the rest of the day eating left over Easter eggs and spag-bol. Until the weather sorts itself out, this is how we intend to stay….see you in September then.

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Great Friday

Wow Easter has flown around this year don’t you think? Seems like only yesterday we were throwing money away on cards and trinkets and declaring our endless love on Valentine’s Day. From a commercial point of view, Easter is easily the cheapest holiday. Easter Eggs and cards are at rock bottom prices meaning we can fill our children (and more importantly ourselves) with chocolate. That’s all fine and good, but when it comes to the style stakes, I can feel my Mulberry purse begging for forgiveness.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was little I moved house a lot, 22 times and counting in my eventful 29 years and it was only when I moved to the city that I became aware of a tradition that I’m slightly ashamed to say I’ve carried on with my own children. Having new clothes for Easter was the norm in the city, yet when I’d lived in the countryside and on the continent, Easter weekend was like any other, with added sweets and a day off for your folks. Suddenly there was a new set of rules and your obviously not cool if you don’t have the latest Lacoste tracksuit and Reebok trainers on Easter Sunday (We’re talking early nineties here) and wait it gets worse, you then have to have a whole new outfit for Bank Holiday Monday! It’s just a bank holiday! Normally spent feeling a bit sick, going to visit your Nan and playing on the PS1 all day. Why on earth would you need a whole new set of clothes for these activities? It’s funny that I write that now, it’s also very hypocritical because I cried my leg off for new clothes every time Easter came around, and drove my poor mum to distraction. Luckily I think she understood the peer pressure and relented, to this day I have never owned a Lacoste tracksuit, but a leggings and top set from Next almost every year. My mum drew the line at Bank Holiday clothes, that’s just ridiculous.

After some well planned research from wholly reliable sources it would seem that the Roman’s, Tudor’s and old Irish adage’s are equally responsible for the tradition that has literally lasted through the ages. Throw in a touch of superstition and good old scaremongering and well, no one wants bad luck for the rest of the year do they? Better nip into Reiss for some new threads before the crows settle in to nest. Some of the most ridiculous reasons for shopping listed right here for future use.

At Easter let your clothes be new,
Or else be sure you will it rue.

In true form I have indeed bought my two girls some new clothes and shoes for Easter, because we will be spending the day with family and going out for lunch. Personally I think this is a perfectly acceptable reason for buying two completely new outfits which will get covered in chocolate and dinner. Much better than being worried about Roman Emperor Constantine 1st shunning us with his Easter garb. Happy Good Friday everyone, whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re wearing x.

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