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The Flicks

When Geordie gets back from his work trips we tend to spend a huge amount of time…….watching films and this month has been no different. Every night for almost a week now we’ve each stretched out on a sofa surrounded by munchies and settled down to watch a blockbuster, or dusted off our comfy pants and hauled ass to the local Odeon.

I’m not a big movie fan and tend to save my viewing for this kind of special ritual we have, Geordie on the other hand has seen pretty much everything from The Devil Wears Prada to Up!

It’s quite difficult for us to agree on a genre to watch together too as I’m a huge scaredy cat and stereo typically prefer rom-coms or at least action films. Geordie will watch pretty much anything apart from rom-coms! (Although he did shed a tear at Wall E and I’m probably dead meat for publishing this haha)

This week we’ve packed in a lot of action with GI Joe Retaliation, Oblivion, The Purge, Star Trek into the Darkness, Pain & Gain and managed to squeeze in What happens in Vegas, as it was on Film4 and we were too lazy to physically put another dvd into the player! First world problems huh?

I grew up watching a fair bit of Star Trek thanks to my older brother (I still draw the line at Babylon 5…load of pants) and really enjoyed the first ‘new’ film and now the second part mainly due to the casting. Chris Pine is a very handsome Kirk!

I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan (other than Top Gun of course) so I watched Oblivion while scrolling Pinterest for home decor ideas. Not sure I can even recall the plot but Geordie says it was ‘alright’.

pain and gain

I’m a HUGE Dwayne Johnson fan and of the two films we watched I preferred his character in GI Joe, as the slapstick role in Pain & Gain seemed a bit beneath him. Still you can’t knock a bit of half-naked Mark Wahlberg and there are some classic lines to listen our for…

Daniel Lugo: [to a little boy] Don’t eyeball me! I’ve seen your mother driving up and down these streets looking at me! I’ll be your stepfather in about a week!

I had to watch The Purge in two parts because we settled down to watch the film around 9pm, at which point it was dark outside and the opening 30 minutes had me close to tears with anxiety. Seriously. I’ve read many books that brought about the same kind of feeling but there was no turning the page watching the film. The plot line is this….set in America there is no crime, violence, unemployment etc. For 12 hours, once a year nothing is illegal and therefore citizens are encouraged to rid themselves of angst, jealousy and anger by basically going ballistic killing, raping and pillaging…without consequence.

I’d uncomfortably watched a family prepare and lock down their house for the night, consoling their kids that there was nothing to worry about etc while monitoring their outdoor security cameras…..only for a lone figure to appear at their gate…..its literally terrifying. ¬†Yes I am a big Mary Ellen when it comes to thriller/horror type films but this was simply eerie.

I wont spoil the rest of the film but out of the 6 we’ve watched this week, this is the one I’d go for.

Just call me Wossy eh?

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What’s That Coming Over The Hill

I am a massive scaredy cat, I am frightened of everything. This admission follows me catching the opening 3 minutes of The Walking Dead on Channel 5 last night as Geordie lounged on the sofa stating ‘Hey that bloke out of Love Actually is in this, you’ll like it’. Needless to say even the delectable Andrew Lincoln wasn’t enough to make me sit through more than a few minutes of this particularly gruesome episode and I was sufficiently horrified to ask Geordie to turn it off even though I wasn’t in the room. Excessive you might think, yeah I’m that scared.

1959 Series Logo

1959 Series Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My ridiculous fear of well, most things started as a teenager when I used to watch X-Files and The Twilight Zone alone in my room, with the lights off and everything! I can still distinctly remember an episode of The X-Files where a guy got into people’s homes through teeny air conditioning vents, another man who chewed newspaper and made an underground den out of it, and one where a guy (see a theme appearing here, and women are said to be ‘weird’) locked his victims in an underground bunker and scared the living day lights out of them just staring at them through a small hatch. Pretty sure my friend Emma will know the finer details of each of those episodes, she’s a huge X-files fan still. I wonder why I didn’t find it so frightening back then, yet now when I walk my dog I rate everyone I see on how likely they are to abduct me?

Crime thrillers are my favourite type of fiction and I’ve read avidly since my late teens, I don’t suppose this has helped my poor nerves. I have read the books of many televised series but can’t watch it on tv. Wire In the Blood, Inspector Banks and Rebus have all held me captive during most of my pregnancy last year, but only in paper form. I think I trust my mind more than tv producers to conjure up less petrifying images that won’t have me sleeping with the light on, or making Geordie come to the toilet with me because I’m convinced there’s an alien/serial killer in our airing cupboard.

Cover of

Cover of Shaun of the Dead

The scariest film I have seen is Sleepy Hollow, go on….laugh. Christopher Walken is an absolutely amazing actor and I just about managed to get through that film by imagining him dancing like a loon in that Fat Boy Slim video. The best related story I can come up with is one my little sister has really enjoyed telling potential boyfriends in the past and involves a film that is billed as a comedy, not a horror. A few years ago we rented Shaun of the Dead on dvd, bought some Galaxy Minstrels to munch on and settled down to watch said ‘comedy’ Spoiler Alert!!! There is a brief part in the film where the main characters are in the pub trying to turn the lights back on at the fuse board, when the lights come back on there is an outline of ‘A LOT’ of zombies trying to get in against a glass panel door. This few moments of cinematography was enough to make me jump, much to the sheer delight of my sister who started wailing laughing on the sofa and pointing at my pyjama bottoms. At some point during the evening I had managed to miss my stupid big mouth with the Galaxy Minstrels which had then ended up down the cushion and ultimately melted against the heat of my bum on the sofa. So in short, it looked like I had crapped myself. I wasn’t THAT scared and it definitely was melted chocolate.

I’ve totally missed the boat on Dr Who, Twilight and dare I say it Harry Potter. It only took one look at the dementer’s and that was me channel hopping to find an episode of The Hairy Bikers cookery programme. Ah the safety of cake, everyone likes cake.


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