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Yoga Express

Hi happy Monday and all that jazz!

I started yoga this morning and I was doing pretty well considering my left leg point-blank refused to take part, I was trying to keep up with the breathing exercises as well as the poses when I heard the discreet vibration of my phone next to my little pink mat. Wouldn’t you know that Pizza Express chose that particular moment to offer me a 25% off voucher for their sumptuous, soft dough based devil food. I resorted to doing pizza salutations and not sun ones and slopped off at the end of the session feeling very hungry!

Roll on tomorrows session, I’ll be switching my phone firmly off.

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The Calm


I’ve had the most hectic time this weekend since I got married in January. We had our youngest daughter Christened on Sunday and preparations for a vintage tea party after the ceremony began some four days earlier. Luckily every thing went to plan, the Reverend also managed to get her name and gender right after fluffing it a couple of times before! The sun shone, the buffet was devoured and none of the vintage tea sets I’ve bought were broken! All in all a great weekend with family and friends. It’s now only four weeks until my daughters first birthday, see you all again then for round two?

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Ring Ring….Hello is that Summer?

Wow, check it out…….it’s sunny! It’s almost June, it’s 22 degrees today and wait………….could this be it? Summer is here!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and more likely frighten the sun back behind the clouds where it likes to hide, mocking our pasty white skin (That’s probably just me), I have given into the traditional British customs of having a BBQ, pitching a tent, purchasing/assembling a swing for the kids and attempting to spruce up the garden. I haven’t quite succumbed to the paddling pool and wine cooler but that’s purely down to my back still being in too many pieces. I absolutely love the warm weather and try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air soaking up the rays slathered in factor 25 of course. I’m also incredibly lucky to have good genes and I tan really well (thanks Dad) so a couple of hours a day on my Disney Store Mickey Mouse towel, basking in the sunlight is enough to get tan lines.

Bbq wood


I’m feeling terribly patriotic suddenly, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next weekend, a few weeks until British Armed Forces Day and all this fabulous weather, there’s really never been a better time to be British. Those who know me will think I’ve got sun stroke as I’m fiercely proud of my Australian roots, I was born in Sydney however both of my parents are British through and through. It’s been 12 years since I was last on Aussie soil for the 2000 Olympics and what an amazing time that was. But it’s not the same when you can have a Barbie every day, they can’t make coleslaw and where is the fun in applying sun lotion more than twice a day?

The summer takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids. My eldest daughter is a little dolphin and loves nothing more than running around in a swimming costume all day regardless of whether there’s a paddling pool or beach front in sight. My youngest daughter is totally different kettle of er..fish. She has fair hair and skin and must stay covered in the sun, she hates the heat and won’t sit still to have lotion applied. These last few days of very hot weather have made me wonder whether booking that fortnight in Cape Verde was a good idea?

Geordie and I have agreed to take the indoor childcare in shifts, so I’m now sat with youngest daughter while she cruises around the living room floor, leaving a trail of drool in her wake. I’ve had my couple of hours of chilling out, reading my kindle and sipping Schloer in the back garden. The only possible thing that could have made my day any better just happened, my little girl just said Mama for the first time and well I’d stay indoors all year to hear that.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever your up to!

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Guest Blog – Geordie on Fitness

To end this series of Guest Blogging, and to celebrate my 50th post, Geordie has decided to go out with a bang and focus on his very favourite subject, fitness. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Geordie’s little jaunt into the world of the written word, no doubt he’ll make another appearance as he seems to think he’s on to a winner? All opinions expressed are his own, enjoy.

I’m a very active person and really enjoy to keep myself in good shape, I also make sure that my family stay fit and healthy too. I dont force fitness on them but we do activities that are fun and enjoyable, hopefully teaching my young girls that it is fun to stay fit. It annoys me that I feel that I am constantly being punished for this, I mean the government are constantly banging on about the whole ‘fit for life‘ scheme but it’s so expensive to eat healthily. I have just found out that the government are looking to tax supplements and energy drinks now, why? Where is the fat tax?

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

One of biggest killers in the UK is obesity and yet when tobacco was the main culprit, it was taxed to hell, so why aren’t fatty foods treated the same? I suppose the ‘Pasty Tax’ is a start. Why is it so cheap to eat fatty foods but to buy some salad and fruit is nearly twice the price? Why is it getting to the stage that it’s ok to be fat? I heard of 2 overweight women talking to each other and a skinny woman walked by and they said look at that skinny b**ch and no one even batted an eyelid and yet if it was the other way around and 2 skinny girls had said look at that fat b**ch, people would have been much more offended. I almost gave up hope when I saw the ‘Size Consultant’ woman on This Morning the other day. The woman in question was morbidly obese and is on a crusade to stop GP’s from using the term ‘Obese‘ as it’s offensive. Really? It’s a medical term!

Even getting on a plane now winds me up, if my luggage is over weight I have to pay for it, which is fair play. But if some one who is obese gets on the plane, they are probably heavier than me and my bag combined so why do I have to pay extra. Plus the last thing I want is someone next to me who is over weight taking up my space aswell as their own, surely I should get half my money back?
I have even been in a department store with my family and gone  to get the lift as we have the buggy and couldn’t get in because it’s full of over weight people who seemingly can’t be bothered to use the escalators or stairs. If these people had to catch their own food, they wouldn’t  be obese, it’s just too convenient to eat fatty foods and drive every where. The worst thing of all is that there are more over weights kids now, which is so unfair, what sort of start to life is that and best of all 9 times out of ten the over weight child has over weight parents. I have been to my daughters school and seen parents who live about 5 mins walk away drive their kids to school and then head straight home again! The schools are fighting a constant battle but at least they’re trying. Walk to School days and bans on chocolate and sweets in lunch bags are just the beginning.
What makes me laugh is events on the world stage like The Olympic Games where the people competing are super fit but the sponsors are Mcdonalds and CocaCola, how funny is that? I’ll bet none of the athletes go any were near the stuff!

Well it’s been fun. I’ve promised the wife I will continue to have an opinion on everything so she can get some decent writing material from it. I’ve got to keep her busy haven’t I?

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You Got Beef?

Monday 23rd April is not just St George’s Day but also the start of Great British Beef Week (GBBW) and this year Help For Heroes are going to benefit from the sales of all British Beef marked with the Red Tractor sticker. Lynda Bellingham is heading up the campaign to keep us buying British Beef and lets face it, she knows her stuff after making gravy for god knows how many years?!

Do your bit to help an amazing charity by throwing a few burgers on the barbie………….even if it is raining!

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