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Is It Over?

Happy New Year how was your Christmas? Mine sucked. I’m still walking like an 80 year old who’s crapped herself, I broke my tooth on Christmas Eve and spent the morning of the 25th in the dentist, I under-cooked the turkey and had a dodgy stomach for most of Boxing Day. To make matters worse two of my sister’s gifts didn’t turn up, I laddered my tights getting dressed and I blew the fuse on the tree lights all within an hour. Now before you get me mixed up with the Grinch I am chuckling typing this because even though all of things really did happen, it made for an excellent Christmas! Our┬ákids had a total ball and the icing on the cake was having my girls home and my sister to stay….I don’t think I’ll ever forget her face when she opened the hand crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat I got for her…haha class.

So it didn’t exactly to go plan in the Geordie household, but as Geordie gently explained while I was lying on our bedroom floor with toothache and a face like Quagmire, ‘Babe there is too much expectation on Christmas day as it is, as long as everyone enjoys it then who cares about the traditions?’ He then quickly added ‘But you will still be able to cook right?’ God forbid he doesn’t get turkey and all the trimmings, that’s one tradition that will never be over-looked, no matter how raw it turns out!

One of my best gifts was a letter from the hospital to say I finally have a surgery date and in just a couple of weeks I will need to find something new to moan about as I am preparing for a discectomy oooooh sounds like an I.T term doesn’t it? Thank God for the NHS because as you well know, the last 9 months have been pretty hard going.

I’ve spent the last few weeks gathering blog ideas and hope that as I rapidly approach my 12 month blog anniversary in March I can continue to write vaguely interesting articles you can smile at!

Bring it 2013!

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Is there anyone there…?

Hello how are you? I’m just having five minutes in between packing boxes, cleaning my oven and trying to get the kids in bed sometime before 9pm! Talk about not doing things by half, we’re now moving house just before Christmas and as luck would have it, it’s started snowing both at our current address and the new one eek!

Got lots to tell you about too so seeing as my wonderful Geordie has bought me a Kindle Fire HD I will be able to blog on the go……providing I haven’t already packed it!

Hope you’re doing well and not losing your temper over Christmas preparations, thank god for online shopping right? I’ll be back again shortly so watch this space and have fun in the snow if it falls near you.



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Toys R Me

I woke up this morning feeling slightly panicked that I’ve not bought a single gift for Christmas yet, I have bought wrapping paper and a gazillion Christmas decorations but nothing for anyone to open come Christmas morning. Wow in one sentence I managed to write the word Christmas three times, I’m sorry I am well aware that it is only the 15th November and I shall have a word with myself.

I’m probably moving house in December so I’ve got a lot to organise hence the panic that I’ve not even made a start on stocking fillers. I’m very lucky to have two little girls who will play with pretty much anything so the lists to Santa are quite vague, this makes the shopping task easier as it doesn’t involve brawling in Toy R Us and it avoids any hissy fits or tears on the magical morning. Another advantage to having kids around this time of year is that you can make calendars for the grandparents that are easy to do on-line and fairly cheap (sorry Mum and Dad but with the state of the economy and all). So the kids are easy enough to buy for but when I was a kid I had a list written out from around September time and thanks to hours of trawling through the Argos catalogue I even noted down the item number to make it easier for Santa (prob not surprising that I would go on to work in auditing). When I wander around Smyths these days there is so much that I want even now, that I can’t get my kids to love as much as me;

1. Operation. I never got this as a kid but got a few go’s at school on bring a toy to school day and what’s not to like about prizing limbs from a human body while trying to avoid having the life frightened out of you by a klaxon? A&E it ain’t.

2. Fashion Wheel. I’m pretty sure my step-sister got this at some point and I absolutely loved it. I could easily while away the hours designing 1980’s power suits and floral tea dresses now. I might actually order one.

3. Mr Frosty. It’s just so awesome and you can never get bored with eating coloured ice right?

It’s taken me twice as long as usual to write this blog as I’ve got 6 other browser windows open looking at cool toys, its official being an adult sucks. If you have kids you can’t help but love Christmas (sorry) seeing their eyes light up when they believe Santa has been and delivered their goodies and the frenzy that follows really is magical. I can’t wait to spend most of the day lying on the living room floor setting up various games and removing the ridiculous amount of packaging on the Barbie dream house…….what it’s for the kids!


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Great Friday

Wow Easter has flown around this year don’t you think? Seems like only yesterday we were throwing money away on cards and trinkets and declaring our endless love on Valentine’s Day. From a commercial point of view, Easter is easily the cheapest holiday. Easter Eggs and cards are at rock bottom prices meaning we can fill our children (and more importantly ourselves) with chocolate. That’s all fine and good, but when it comes to the style stakes, I can feel my Mulberry purse begging for forgiveness.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was little I moved house a lot, 22 times and counting in my eventful 29 years and it was only when I moved to the city that I became aware of a tradition that I’m slightly ashamed to say I’ve carried on with my own children. Having new clothes for Easter was the norm in the city, yet when I’d lived in the countryside and on the continent, Easter weekend was like any other, with added sweets and a day off for your folks. Suddenly there was a new set of rules and your obviously not cool if you don’t have the latest Lacoste tracksuit and Reebok trainers on Easter Sunday (We’re talking early nineties here) and wait it gets worse, you then have to have a whole new outfit for Bank Holiday Monday! It’s just a bank holiday! Normally spent feeling a bit sick, going to visit your Nan and playing on the PS1 all day. Why on earth would you need a whole new set of clothes for these activities? It’s funny that I write that now, it’s also very hypocritical because I cried my leg off for new clothes every time Easter came around, and drove my poor mum to distraction. Luckily I think she understood the peer pressure and relented, to this day I have never owned a Lacoste tracksuit, but a leggings and top set from Next almost every year. My mum drew the line at Bank Holiday clothes, that’s just ridiculous.

After some well planned research from wholly reliable sources it would seem that the Roman’s, Tudor’s and old Irish adage’s are equally responsible for the tradition that has literally lasted through the ages. Throw in a touch of superstition and good old scaremongering and well, no one wants bad luck for the rest of the year do they? Better nip into Reiss for some new threads before the crows settle in to nest. Some of the most ridiculous reasons for shopping listed right here for future use.

At Easter let your clothes be new,
Or else be sure you will it rue.

In true form I have indeed bought my two girls some new clothes and shoes for Easter, because we will be spending the day with family and going out for lunch. Personally I think this is a perfectly acceptable reason for buying two completely new outfits which will get covered in chocolate and dinner. Much better than being worried about Roman Emperor Constantine 1st shunning us with his Easter garb. Happy Good Friday everyone, whatever you’re doing and whatever you’re wearing x.

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