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Just a quick post to say a genuine thank you to everyone who has dropped by to read the blog during my 12 week break (omg was it that long?) I’ve spent the time practically chained to my desk trying to come up with amazing blog ideas to thrill and entertain you…

hot tub (desk)

hot tub (desk)

Okay by ‘desk’ I mean hot tub, and by ‘chained to’ I mean floating in heavenly bliss with a cold margarita. Despite all this gruelling hard work, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my viewing stats have remained steady and people from around the world are showing an interest in my musings. Officially blown away.

You guys rock

Thank you


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Don’t Call It A Comeback!

I know I said I needed some space and that we should have a break from all this sharing of stories and views and opinions….but the thing is…I bloody missed you guys! Since I last wrote I’ve lost two laptop keys (right arrow and exclamation mark, damn it) gained a tooth filling and a good few pounds due to my new love of baking. Things haven’t gone entirely to plan.

So how was your Summer? Or should I say how IS your Summer seeing as it’s officially September 2nd and it’s still gloriously sunny outside? Mine was awesome, even though I’ve spent the majority of it on my own (Geordie away with work for a few months) but me and the girls have made up for it with some lovely trips, visits and shopping sprees.

It’s Summer break eve eve in my house as my two girls are back at school and nursery on Wednesday, so the question of ‘what am I going to do with myself’ rears its ugly head once more. I consider myself ridiculously lucky to have been able to stay at home with my girls for almost 2 years now, the time has been incredibly precious and I’ll treasure being here for all those important milestones which I know others have sorely missed.

Unfortunately for me full-time work is not an option at the moment, living in the middle of no where and still only on my provisional license makes finding worthwhile part-time work very difficult indeed. Not one to sit around and mope (okay I’ve moped a bit) I’ve found a couple of projects to keep me busy…..



blanket box

more junk

Behold the pile of junk I bought on Sunday from an ‘Upcycling’ centre near by (sadly no jobs going there, yep I asked) which I intend to ‘do-up’ and sell on to make a few bucks. I’m already at the sit-scrolling-through-Pinterest-for-hours-on-end-looking-for-ideas-whilst-eating-baked-goods stage of the transformation. Sadly the only thing looking more attractive so far is an elasticated waist band.

I’m also doing my bit towards the Fraja Ellie appeal and today pledged to stitch 500 badges to be sold and the up coming charity ball (attended by some Emmerdale stars) as well as overhaul the photo character boards I painted earlier in the year.

It’s so good to be back (exclamation mark….exclamation mark)

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The Wire

So new for 2013; I now live in a house situated behind a wire fence, does this make me a prisoner? Hmm not exactly but that depends on how you look at it. I can come and go as I please but to do so I must confirm my identity to anyone who questions my presence. I must tell a man I don’t know if Tesco is delivering my shopping, or if we order a pizza and curly fries on a Friday night. It’s all very surreal and will definitely take come getting used to.

I am once again ill and very worried that my long-awaited operation (scheduled for this Saturday) will be cancelled due to my ill-health. My gp thinks I may have coeliac disease which is why I have been so ill and spending the twilight hours either on the bathroom floor or upside down on the sofa (eases the slipped disc pain). Either way it’s going to go down to the wire on Friday night as to whether I’m well enough to under go the surgery. Bloody wire again!

I am more determined than ever to learn something this year. It’s not a resolution per se just an idea that’s been floating around for several months when I’ve waited to get the house move and Christmas and New Year out-of-the-way first. I’ve made a start and I’m now being hounded by the like of ICS and their £500 price tags for non certified courses, pah jog on!

Contortionist, posed in studio, ca. 1880.

Contortionist, posed in studio, ca. 1880.

The best thing I have to report on this very slow-moving, foggy second week of January is that I am a stone lighter than I was in December. Granted the only physical exertion I’ve done is driving the porcelain bus (vomiting into the toilet for those not familiar with the term) but hey, a loss is a loss. For the first time I have started the new year by losing weight, now I’ve just got all that other stuff to accomplish!

A late night blog post is quite rare for me, I thought I would set myself a challenge and it turns out that yes I can smash out 402 words, order my Tesco shop and enrol at The OU whilst lying upside down on the sofa. What’s your challenge for 2013 and more importantly how’s it going?

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A Lesson in Greed

Come·up·pance; A punishment or retribution that one deserves; one’s just deserts:

In a earlier blog post I explained that I am no stranger to acts of stupidity and yet often wonder why things always happen to me? In my latest escapade it would be pure greed that would eventually serve me my ‘just deserts’.

At Easter time my Mum always buys the children an Easter egg and sets up an egg hunt around her garden, Easter 2011 was no different. Instead of buying us Easter eggs now that we’re pushing 30 years old, my Mum buys a big bag of Galaxy caramel and Diary Milk Caramel eggs to share out with a cuppa on Easter Sunday after a huge sumptuous dinner. As a big chocolate lover I devoured mine in seconds and it was only later that evening that I spied three extra eggs in the top of my Mum’s fridge and thought to myself, yes I can totally snaffle one of those without anyone knowing. To use one of my Dad’s favourite sayings; My eyes were bigger than my belly and I only got in two measly bites before I started to feel a bit ill. I admitted defeat and wrapped what was left of the caramel egg in the foil wrapper and hid it in my handbag so that no one would know.

As a rule when swapping my handbags over I always empty them out, including all pockets and put them back into their dust bags to make sure they last as long as possible and stay in tip-top condition. Check me out, I’m such a good bag owner! Is there a badge for that? Anyway I obviously overlooked one small, sticky item in my favourite aubergine Radley bag one bright Spring day. Unfortunately for me I didn’t realise this until about two weeks ago when I unwrapped said bag from its pink dust cover and had to prize the sides apart. Yes 18 whole months later. This is the result…

I have tried everything to get the caramel off but it’s as stubborn as a mule and having none of it. I’ve frozen it, gently antibacterialised (made up word) it and pondered bleaching it but I can’t possible use such harsh chemicals near its soft leather outer, it would be ruined from the outside as well as in. Waaaaaa

I have learned a very valuable lesson, never ever give in when you think you’ve had enough, channel the thoughts and energy into finishing what you started because if you’re going to be greedy, do a decent job. Also tin foil is not a dense enough covering for caramel eggs, I have written to Cadbury and asked them to clean my bag. Still waiting for a response……



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