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Nine Two Five

It occurred to me earlier today that I haven’t done a full days work in two years, I’ve had a baby in that time but really, where did the time go? It seems like it was yesterday that I was clocking up a 50 hour week, watching the sun come up and set again while sat at my desk, calling my Dad to prevent me having a panic attack when I had to go down into the dark, scary basement on facilities checks and drinking far too much coffee that almost cost half my weekly wage. Now I’m lucky if I manage to get all my ironing done, take my youngest to play-group and make sure dinner is at least in the oven when Geordie gets home from work.

I’m pretty sure my CV states I am ‘a great co-ordinator’ and ‘organisation is my passion’ (or some similarly ridiculous buzz words) So where has it gone? Did I lose it along with my pregnancy baby weight? Did it slowly diminish while I spent hour upon hour watching Mr Bloom’s Nursery? Or is it still there lurking in the back of my mind behind the lists of size 5+ Pampers and Persil Non-Bio? I really hope it’s the latter as this realisation today has kick-started a plan of action……to go back to work.

Bog Off Eamonn

Bog Off Eamonn

I’ve heard many people say that it’s easier to get a job if you already have one? I’m not really sure I understand the logic there? Is that because you have recent, relevant experience or more chance of a glowing reference from your employer? Maybe I’m discounting this notion because I haven’t learned anything new or relevant to PR or marketing in over two years and I don’t want to believe that I am going to struggle before I even get started. Bearing this in mind I am considering a refresher course but I’m unsure about what I should refresh? I can (just about) speak, write and read English and while I am no Carol Vorderman I can still recite the times tables.

Working in media generally means having to completely submerge yourself in current affairs, so maybe my refresher course can be self-taught? I simply have to reinstate my subscription to The Times, switch Cbeebies over to BBC Parliament, CNN or Sky News (I really can’t stand Eamonn Holmes) and re-follow all those media bods on Twitter who are in the thick of the action around the globe? Also I’m thinking that a volunteer placement with a local paper might help me with the lack of recent experience issue…being the new girl again at 30 should be interesting!

The catalyst behind all of this is that I am missing a sense of achievement, I made it to 30, not without a few scrapes but it has taken me until now right now in fact, to realise what I really want to do with myself. Now I just have to make it happen. Maybe I can have it all, it just takes a little patience and a lot of hard work. Wish me luck!

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Geordie’s Round Up

In all my time blogging (all 11 months of it) I’ve never been so excited to sit down and type because…………I can SIT DOWN and type! I have a brand spanking new computer, a dusty but sturdy new chair (thanks dad) and the icing on the cake is that I’m one battered spinal disc short of a full set! Never has the saying ‘I’m not a complete idiot…..parts of me are missing’ been so true! As I have a note pad bursting with new, interesting and obscure blog ideas I thought it best to have a bit of a round-up and put the last few weeks to bed.

I’m going to start by highly recommending the Neuro wing at Newcastle’s RVI hospital as the staff there, from the tea lady to the neurosurgeon himself were all absolutely amazing and in the short 48 hours I was there, each one worked their ass off during their long shifts. The RVI itself does not look much like a hospital in parts, the two Costa Coffee shops and cinema kind of threw me when I first arrived, plus being nil by mouth for 24 hours prior to the op and being taunted by the smell of gingerbread lattes up on the fifth floor was hard going. Although I was to find this was just a small test in the grand scheme of things, sharing a ward with Lilly from South Shields was the real challenge. Lilly god bless her is an amazing character, her raw geordie accent can often be heard down the corridors and she is not one for holding back her opinion  ‘worst hospital in the reegion this ya knaw’ (apologies at my attempt to pull of her accent in type) Lilly likes to get up in the night to go for a wonder, she always pees with the ward toilet door open and sometimes gets into the wrong bed, all the while narrating what she’s doing in her sing-song accent. At lunchtime on Saturday Lilly was offered cheese and crackers after all hell had broken loose because the catering staff had gotten her lunch order mixed up. Luckily Lilly likes cheese and crackers and she set to work opening the packets on her little bed tray, there was relative silence as we each tucked into our culinary delights when a piercing shrill rang out ‘Eeeeeee where’s me cheese gone?’

For the next 23 minutes (yes I timed it because it was like an episode of Benny Hill) Lilly asked every member of staff who stepped foot in the room to try to find some cheese, until literally everyone on shift was phoning down to the kitchens or nipping to ward 16 for a spare triangle of cheese, it was pure comedy. Lilly was eventually satisfied with four extra mini tubs of Flora instead, she sat up in bed and declared ‘I love butter me, not keen on cheese mind’ It’s moments like this that make me so glad for the people who work for the NHS who are genuinely caring and compassionate, without them I do wonder what kind of life our old and infirm would suffer.

Post op I stayed with my folks for five or six days and they had a whale of a time caring for my 16 month old daughter as I was unable to even pick her up. My Dad is now a huge fan of In The Night Garden and does not care for Rastamouse one bit……….. fool he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

To finish off then, I am super again. Let’s get on with it…….

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Calamity Jane

It’s going to be a sad day today as I’m attending a family funeral. I’m going to write an upbeat blog post today in memory of such a wonderful person who always brought a smile to others.

I am easily the most accident prone person I know. As I kid growing up my parents could put me in a field of soft swirly grass and I’d still find something to hurt myself on, and I often did. I’m not talking about grazed knees or the odd bruise, those were the daily norm I’m talking dedicated A&E team at the children’s hospital. Don’t climb on the wall, they’d say, seconds later I would be screaming my lungs out having slipped legs akimbo on the wall and scraped the skin off my legs. Don’t jump on the chipboard manhole cover they’d say, moments later I had my legs stuck half way into the chipboard plank with my Sister running off to get my Dad to cut me out. Don’t go down the big hill on your roller boots they’d say, I stood up for a full minute this time thanks to momentum but then fell backwards and smacked my head off the asphalt with a loud thwack. At high school my maths teacher was constantly telling us not to bite the tops of our pens which I was in the middle of doing during one of these lectures and suddenly started choking as I had indeed swallowed the biro lid, well half swallowed hence the coughing fit. My most spectacular stunt was trying to hurdle a 5ft wall aged 11 and of course failing. I landed upside down on the wrong side of the wall with my elbow bent at a seriously nasty angle, 8 weeks in plaster followed and the hole in my elbow a permanent reminder that I am not indestructible. Maybe I’m not accident prone at all, maybe I’m a bit deaf….hello?

As I matured into a young adult I remained as dizzy as ever, regularly walking into lamp posts and bursting my nose all over the pavement. On a routine trip to the video shop (yes video shop) with my brother I came home sporting a blood soaked t-shirt thanks to an unsuspecting lamp-post. They’re everywhere!

Now that I’m older and have two other’s to look out for I’m slightly more aware of my surroundings as well as roadside fixtures and fittings. Now I have moved on to hurting myself on child related safety items, baby gates, stroller straps and clasps, car seats etc. I’m forever sporting blood blisters on my hand thanks to the buggy harness clasp and they last for ages. Luckily though the kids are safe and only suffer the usual bumps from jumping off the sofas and wrestling on the carpet, who’d have girls huh?


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Yoga Express

Hi happy Monday and all that jazz!

I started yoga this morning and I was doing pretty well considering my left leg point-blank refused to take part, I was trying to keep up with the breathing exercises as well as the poses when I heard the discreet vibration of my phone next to my little pink mat. Wouldn’t you know that Pizza Express chose that particular moment to offer me a 25% off voucher for their sumptuous, soft dough based devil food. I resorted to doing pizza salutations and not sun ones and slopped off at the end of the session feeling very hungry!

Roll on tomorrows session, I’ll be switching my phone firmly off.

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What a Week!

Hello again and to begin, sincere apologies for my lack of blogging over the last week. It would seem that I am totally unable to write anything legible whilst working/travelling/parenting and being a little under the weather.

Today is a new day and the meds are working so here I am. My first fashion dilemma this week is about occasion wear. My younger sister is getting married in two weeks time and I’m stuck between a Navy embellished neckline, tulip shape dress or an Orange (yes that’s Orange) flared shift dress. I shall be purchasing both tomorrow and blogging for your opinion.

I was ready to let my 6-year-old, brutally honest daughter decide for me, however based on her reasoning skills displayed today (swears she could HEAR a spider behind the shower curtain in the bathroom) I think it might be better to throw caution into the wind and get you guys to comment. If however you think you can hear spiders it might be better to keep your opinions to yourself!

Equal Parenting Alliance

Equal Parenting Alliance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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