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Three Piece Please

I’ve been engrossed in BBC drama Silk for the last few weeks, a series about life at the Bar, the dilemmas and problems that modern-day barristers have to face and what it means to become a silk. I’ve met my fair share of police officers and solicitors but my knowledge of the legal world ends there. I’ve found the characters fascinating especially Martha, the female lead who is strong, fiesty and so likeable, if she had come to career’s day at my school, I’d have wanted to be a barrister.

Another important element to the programme is that there is an abundance and very good-looking men in three-piece suits. It’s only now after episode 4, series 2 that I have come to realise just how a 3 piece suit turns an ordinary guy into a total babe magnet. Okay, so this is just my opinion, but on voicing this through the magic of online media, it seems I’m not alone in my thinking.

 Let’s take Daniel Craig, until he played Bond I had only vaguely heard of him. Stick him in a well-tailored three-piece suit on a train with a bond girl and pow, suddenly he’s catapulted to the top of the Sexiest Male Movie Chest Poll according to India Express. I think it might have more to do with the blue swim trunks, but I’d rather have the suit.

There is a new Aramis fragrance advert doing the rounds on ITV at the moment featuring model and Jennifer Anniston‘s ex Paul Sculfor. The Aramis brand focuses on what it is to ‘be a man’, and low and behold Paul is featured wearing a beautifully cut three-piece suit, the previous brand ambassador was Andrew Agassi photographed fastening cuff links into a crisp white shirt. The whole campaign just oozes sex appeal.

One of my favourite annual events is Royal Ascot simply because I love to see so many men of all ages dressing up for an occasion. The timeless Oxford stripe trousers, waistcoat and tails gives men of all ages an opportunity to pull off a classic gentlemanly look, even if it’s just for a day. Times have changed for the daily three-piece suit wearer with the loss of the bowler hat that would have completed the look, although I think it takes an older gentleman to stroll the city streets in a bowler hat and not look like a berk. I’m not a big fan of the grey shiny suit, nor the black skinny tie and white shirt popular ensemble, nothing worse than being mistaken for the waiter. I prefer my man to be a gentleman, and Geordie does look particularly good in a suit. I think I might be on to something with a new website……..www.threepiecesuitdating.com a new take on uniform dating??

As with all fashion trends, not all men would feel comfortable wearing a three-piece due to shape and size, but I believe that with a little guidance from a good tailor, and not a high street sales assistant who is more concerned with KPI’s, a three-piece suit can give even the most self-conscious a huge confidence boost.

I’d love to spend a few hours wandering down Savile Row learning more about the craft and skill that goes into producing top quality tailoring for men, in fact the next time I’m in London, I’m going to do just that. I have a feeling there may be a few girlfriends who will want to go with me on that trip. There’s nothing wrong with a little window shopping!

Hurrah! for 3 piece suits and even more so for the men who are confident enough to wear them, I salute you.

Gentleman wearing bowler hat and three-piece suit

Gentleman wearing bowler hat and three-piece suit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Costume Luxe

On a recent rainy Monday night my younger sister invited me over for dinner and to watch some random episodes of Hercule Poirot. She is obsessed with murder mysteries having already exhausted a box set of Midsummer Murders; it was time to move to a more interesting era, fashion wise.

Death on the Nile was screened on ITV in 2004 and as far as I was concerned went completely unnoticed. I was probably obsessing far too much over the latest series of Big Brother to watch a mid-afternoon super sleuth series that I’d normally associate with being on in the living room at my nan’s house. I had missed a corker of an episode and the costumes alone were worth the 90 minute sitting.

Emily Blunt stars as the female lead as wealthy business woman, Linnet Ridgeway, complete with blonde bombshell Marseilles wave wig and an array of elegant evening dresses. There is a particular scene in which the group of VIP tourists are visiting the Pyramids of Giza including the leading lady, who is gracefully strolling along in her ridiculously large sun hat, floating striped summer dress and high heels proving that despite the situation in war-torn Europe, 1930’s fashion was still prominent for those rich enough to afford it. A note must be made about Poirot himself who is always immaculately dressed throughout the film in well cut linen 3 piece suits, weaved fedoras and  signature handkerchief.

Other notable female characters such as Jacqueline De Bellefort, the spurned lover of the male lead, wore classic mid length tea dresses, somewhat ordinary shoes and appears twice in a deep red silk evening gown. The class divide is emphasised through simple, less varied costume choices and with beautiful garments that cover a wide character range. I personally think that the costume designer, Sheena Napier has done an amazing job of really capturing the essence of this lavish journey and its individual participants.

There are some distinct trends evident in the film. Complex pattern cutting of luxurious fabrics such as silk and chiffon, combined with skilfully hand beaded column dresses was soon to be an indulgence of the past. 1940’s women and land girls also wore the floral dresses as seen in the film, however, their garments were cut from cheaper fabrics and were constructed using basic methods compared to their 1930’s counterpart due to the rationing demands of the war. What a difference 5 years makes.

For anyone who is interested in 1930’s fashion trends this TV film is a must, a feast for the artistic eye and an entertaining lesson in fashion history all wrapped up in a classic ‘who-dunnit’ format.

What more could you ask for on a rainy Monday night?

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