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I’ve finally found a bit of time to sit down after a hugely busy week and thought I would explain about the Mermaid and Pirate from the earlier blog. I have learned a lot this week, such as mixing washing powder with yellow paint makes an awesome sand effect and why Pritt-Stick is nowhere near as good as gloopy glue! Oh yes, it’s been a thriller!

Living behind the wire (on a UK RAF airbase) can be quite isolating if you’re not a very out-going person but now and then there comes an opportunity for everyone to pull together and the drive in this community is astonishing. There is a desperately ill little girl living here called Fraja- Ellie, she’s only just turned 5 and she is bravely battling a type of cancer called Neuroblastoma. I’ve not met Fraja or her family but after reading what they are faced with I wanted to so something to help. I think that once you have seen Fraja’s beautiful smile and read the blog about her ongoing treatment, she will melt your heart too.

The community here is a giving one; the amount of people involved in organising fundraisers is amazing; women shaving their heads (look out for pictures in the Northern Echo around 25th March…and it was their idea before Jessie J nicked it for Comic Relief) Guys and girls competing in endurance races across the globe as well as sponsored weight loss, comedy nights, photo shoots and lots of local events from bake sales to sponsored silences, all to raise money for Fraja’s treatment. The boards I painted and umm’d and arghh’d over were for a children’s disco fundraiser here on camp on Friday night, so while my involvement equates to little, I wanted to make sure they were the best I could do. I hope everyone had fun and they made Fraja-Ellie smile.

Today, as Comic Relief celebrates its highest grossing total for on-the-night donations (in excess of £75m) it goes to show that even though we’re all ALWAYS skint, we’re also sympathetic to those in need, especially children. Please visit Fraja-Ellie’s web page and give what you can, if you can.

Thanks xx


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Like 10,000 Spoons..

Don’t you just love song lyrics? I’m frequently impressed with my ability to remember thousands of song lyrics yet I can’t for the life of me remember why I went upstairs a minute ago, half way back down my memory will snap back to a hair brush or load of washing that needs doing. baby ipod

I think I have quite eclectic taste, my parents were big Queen fans as well as Simply Red, The Eurythmics and The Eagles to name a few. In my dwindling CD collection I have an album from each of these artists and most of their greatest hits on my Itunes. Like most I have gone through phases of music genres, I remember listening to nothing but R&B as a teenager and becoming an avid fan of Tupac and Biggie, most of their lyrics I can still reel off now ( It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine :)) Without fail I would record the R&B chart with Trevor Nelson from Radio One each Sunday evening and spend the week learning lyrics from the new releases. Then as I left sixth form and started hitting the clubs at the weekend I got more and more into dance music and not that my kids will ever understand, I used to tape as much as possible from the city radio station Friday night set for all the latest releases. If I ever catch that set now it still makes me feel like getting glammed up and hitting the town.

Now that I’m a terribly old, decrepit 30 year old my taste in music should be woeful but it’s thanks to my eldest daughter that I can tunelessly sing along to the new Victoria Justice album, the whole of CD 1 of Now 83 and Pop Princesses 2012…because she plays them incessantly. Cheers Santa!

I find it quite strange that both me and my kids like Jessie J, Flo rida and a bit of Nicki Minaj. In the car we’ll all pipe up (even Geordie) when Carly Rae Jepson comes on and I defy anyone young or old to sit still while Gangnam Style is blaring out of the speakers.I’m fairly sure that I hated my parents’ music when I was a kid and wouldn’t be seen dead dancing to any of their lp’s. (See told you I was old) Does music only now reach across the ages or am I just from the generation who’s parents we’re all bores? We went to a families NYE party where the dance floor was awash with Mum’s pointing at each other miming the wrong lyrics, sloshing WKD all over the place and little kids throwing impressive shapes……and all to Will.I.Am and Britney B*£ch!

If music be the food of love, play on!

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