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Who’s That Girl?

I have lost my identity, possibly forever. From graduating as an aspiring fashionista, 3 years later I am worrying if ‘I’m too old to be wearing that now?’ I am 29 years old, no longer a preppy teen or a funky young twenty-something, I’m almost 30 and I feel as if my fashion sense is no longer tingling. Did I put it down somewhere when I tried on that black silk playsuit in Reiss? Or perhaps I stacked one too many shoe boxes on top of it at Dune? Do I still shop in trendy places? Yeah I think so. My recent favourite is H&M as I always manage to find something in there at the last minute. I adore TopShop for denim and their Tall section as well River Island for accessories and Kurt Geiger for heels. Okay so it’s not exactly Jimmy Choo’s and D&G but as far as the high street goes, that’s pretty cool, right?

It must be the ensemble stage of dressing in which I am going wrong? Let’s take today for instance, to set the scene, I work for a high street retailer, often travelling from north to south and running down train platforms with an oversized bag and Costa latte. A typical outfit of choice is a pair of bright blue skinny jeans with ankle zips, a black silk shell top, suit jacket and suede and patent leather shoe boots. I’m also a massive fan of hats, I have short hair and find that a baker boy or trilby finishes off my outfit perfectly. . When I think about it, I always favoured the tailored classics. Shift dresses, pinstripe trousers and men’s blazers were all wardrobe staples during my teens and early twenties. Black has also been a major player, along with khaki, white and grey. Maybe I missed my calling in life as a GAP model. I could wear their entire range season after    season without as much as a thought for colour!

On further investigation into my wardrobe it would seem that I do in fact own some very beautiful clothes. The preoccupation with what one ‘Should’ wear as opposed to what one ‘Wants’ to wear has indeed had an impact on my day-to-day choices. Thanks Trinny and Suzannah for ruining what fun there was left in just throwing an outfit together!

I decided  following this self-analysis. That is to make sure that all the items of clothing at the back of my wardrobe are worn at least once in the coming weeks, including the silk knee-length a-line skirt that my boyfriend brought me back from Dubai. I will of course be teaming these random pieces with black tights and knitwear of some description. (Due to the subzero temperatures) I intend to make a huge effort to recapture that ‘who-cares’ attitude of my earlier years.

What’s the worst that can happen?

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