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I’ve not had an awful lot of positive things to write about in the last few weeks and July has been a bit of a wash out for me. So in an attempt to stop being a big miserable arse and inspired by my all-time favourite author Nick Spalding, I have decided to share with you a quick mortifying moment. Enjoy!

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A couple of  weeks ago I was having a bit of a moan to the cute(ish) looking guy in Blockbuster whilst rummaging around in my mahoosive handbag for the two Spongebob Squarepants DVD‘s I’d rented for my girls that hadn’t worked as they were scratched to death. As I pulled them triumphantly out of my shoulder suitcase and handed them to him with a small ‘hurrah’ I realised there was a bright turquoise sanitary towel sandwiched between them. On seeing my face light up like Mars the cute(ish) guy held the DVD’s aloft with one hand and tapped awkwardly on the pc with the other, while I quickly pulled the offending personal hygiene item out of its temporary resting place and shoved it furiously back into my bag. I made the situation ten times more embarrassing by muttering ‘I don’t think you’ll need that’. Ring Ring……hello is that Netflicks?

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