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Across the Pond

I was scrolling through lots of images of New York this morning after reading the news that the New York Marathon has been cancelled this weekend due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, curious to see the aftermath of yet another devastating event in the history of the great city and how people come together to restore the streets and parks to their former glory. I have been fortunate enough to visit New York a couple of years ago and fell in love with the city as soon as our car emerged from the Lincoln tunnel into Manhattan. As I’m sat here writing this I’m reminded how the weather was around 19 degrees the day we arrived, prompting us to peel off a couple of layers of winter clothes while snapping away in Times Square. We woke the following day to find a foot of snow on the hotel balcony and sub-zero temperatures!

I visited New York with my daughter who was just 2 at the time and so our activities we’re limited to daytime only pursuits, but that didn’t stop us spending hours in Central Park and FAO Schwartz! In fact my fondest memory of our trip was her waking up from a nap on the Staten Island ferry and through blurry eyes pointing out and shouting ‘Mummy looks, it’s Liberty’. I’ve already written my homage to the great city not long after returning from the trip, you can read it here.

If I could live anywhere, even just for a short time I’d love to live in New York. Like every big city it has worrying crime rates and ‘dangerous’ neighbourhoods but unlike every big city it has iconic architecture, beautiful wide-open green spaces and a breath-taking skyline. I want to sit in my fabulous Friends-like apartment eating Chinese take-out from those little white cartons that we don’t get here and stroll around The Guggenheim on my days off from working in anything whatsoever to do with fashion. Bit of a mix between Friends, Ugly Betty and SATC. Well, one can dream. On a day-to-day, and more realistic basis I am immersed in a lot of New York virtual culture, The New Yorker and NYDAILYNEWS.com are two of my current favourites. I’ve also started to amass a collection of American Vogue which is quite hard to come by in my rural Cumbrian village. On my next trip to New York (because I’m hoping there will be many return journeys in the future) I’m going to have to prepare a much more in-depth itinerary, pack sensible footwear and leave the kids at home!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? Tell NaBloPoMo they’d love to hear all about it too.

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New York, New York

When my boss asked me to nip across the water with some paperwork, I swapped my heels for ballet flats in anticipation of the trek down to the station for the cross-river train. Little did I know I would end up in Times Square not Trafalgar Square!  Last month I jetted out to New York to meet the NY team, and to take part in a spot of shopping of course!

Bryan (My boss) had arranged for me to meet the NY team later in the week to collect some design work, so my focus initially was being a tourist. With my ipod blaring out Odyssey’s hit ‘Native New Yorker’ I took in the sights and sounds of Manhattan’s most famous landmarks.  What struck me after walking 52 blocks in one afternoon was the amount of people and businesses crammed into such a small space…..And why the metro is a god send when you only pack heels!

English: Garment District, Manhattan

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I studied HND Fashion at college and have been an avid collector of British Vogue for many years, so predictably my favourite part of Manhattan is the Garment District situated Mid-Town.  Seeing the giant button and needle statue on Fashion Ave and 7TH, transported me back to being 17 and dreaming I could be the next Stella McCartney or Amanda Wakeley.  There is a wealth of creativity just oozing out of the Manhattan streets and avenues, everywhere you look there are outlets whether it be fabric warehouses, fashion houses, PR & Media companies and design agencies. Whilst the opportunities are plentiful, the competition for that ‘chance of a lifetime’ role is seriously fierce.

Once I had exhausted my budget on 5th Avenue and the Liberty Island Gift store (tacky stationery for colleagues back in Blightly) I hailed a cab and headed over to meet the guys at the NY branch of our company.  For a media company based in a world advertising hotspot, they sure know how to rock the homely look. When I opened the heavy steel office door I was pleasantly surprised to find a cosy office, bookshelves fit to burst with design journals and photographs of this amazing city. The team were delighted, if not a bit puzzled with their bright yellow Superlambanana figurine, a gift from my fair city. Luckily I pre-empted this response and also presented the accompanying book all about our four-legged friend. Clearly they think I’m mad.

Superlambanana, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, E...

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With design work in hand I headed back to my hotel to pack up and fly back to reality. I really fell in love with New York, the people, the food and sights and sounds. But in all honesty I fell for the belief that my creative dreams could once again, come true, and if you can make it there… well you know the rest.

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