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Take Two

Good morning faithful readers, I have big news….are you sitting comfortably?

Earlier this week marked the 1st Anniversary of Geordie’s Girl.com or 1st Blogiversary if you like. (Hallmark are yet to make a card for this particular celebration so I’ll let you off for not sending me one) and as any struggling writer will no doubt agree, a special occasion blog post pretty much writes itself. You might now be asking why it is three days past this momentous occasion without so much as a whisper from me? Well wait for it…..I’ve been BUSY! Actually busy with proper tasks/jobs to do, not just normal chores or routine trips to Tesco.

This week I have created a mermaid and a pirate (more on that later) and accidentally redecorated my dining room in the process. I’ve endured a few hours in Middlesborough (never again) and introduced my daughter to the naughty step where she quite enjoyed the peace and quiet, at least for the first 30 seconds. Yesterday I was convinced I had broken my toes from repeatedly kicking the leg of my dining table while concentrating on painting; this put me in a bit of a bad mood as I really wanted to wear my favourite D&G heels last night. Sorry, back to the list….I have purchased a potty (for my daughter) travelled approximately 530 miles around the country, attended a very impressive parents evening and topped it all off last night with a lot of rum. As I type I am eating Rolo’s for breakfast, I look like a poor man’s Gene Simmons thanks to non-removal of make-up before bed and I have the sudden urge to go for a run!? Thank God I left my gym kit at home!



Okay so its been a very busy week and while I have neglected you a little, I have achieved a lot. From the very bottom of my heart, and to each and every single person who has read just a word of the blog….thank you. You have brightened up days when I was very low and suffering terrible pain and being able to share good news with you all has regularly made me realise how lucky I am.

Last night I raised many a glass to you, and this morning I am blaming you for my aching head x

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