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Geordie’s Round Up

In all my time blogging (all 11 months of it) I’ve never been so excited to sit down and type because…………I can SIT DOWN and type! I have a brand spanking new computer, a dusty but sturdy new chair (thanks dad) and the icing on the cake is that I’m one battered spinal disc short of a full set! Never has the saying ‘I’m not a complete idiot…..parts of me are missing’ been so true! As I have a note pad bursting with new, interesting and obscure blog ideas I thought it best to have a bit of a round-up and put the last few weeks to bed.

I’m going to start by highly recommending the Neuro wing at Newcastle’s RVI hospital as the staff there, from the tea lady to the neurosurgeon himself were all absolutely amazing and in the short 48 hours I was there, each one worked their ass off during their long shifts. The RVI itself does not look much like a hospital in parts, the two Costa Coffee shops and cinema kind of threw me when I first arrived, plus being nil by mouth for 24 hours prior to the op and being taunted by the smell of gingerbread lattes up on the fifth floor was hard going. Although I was to find this was just a small test in the grand scheme of things, sharing a ward with Lilly from South Shields was the real challenge. Lilly god bless her is an amazing character, her raw geordie accent can often be heard down the corridors and she is not one for holding back her opinion  ‘worst hospital in the reegion this ya knaw’ (apologies at my attempt to pull of her accent in type) Lilly likes to get up in the night to go for a wonder, she always pees with the ward toilet door open and sometimes gets into the wrong bed, all the while narrating what she’s doing in her sing-song accent. At lunchtime on Saturday Lilly was offered cheese and crackers after all hell had broken loose because the catering staff had gotten her lunch order mixed up. Luckily Lilly likes cheese and crackers and she set to work opening the packets on her little bed tray, there was relative silence as we each tucked into our culinary delights when a piercing shrill rang out ‘Eeeeeee where’s me cheese gone?’

For the next 23 minutes (yes I timed it because it was like an episode of Benny Hill) Lilly asked every member of staff who stepped foot in the room to try to find some cheese, until literally everyone on shift was phoning down to the kitchens or nipping to ward 16 for a spare triangle of cheese, it was pure comedy. Lilly was eventually satisfied with four extra mini tubs of Flora instead, she sat up in bed and declared ‘I love butter me, not keen on cheese mind’ It’s moments like this that make me so glad for the people who work for the NHS who are genuinely caring and compassionate, without them I do wonder what kind of life our old and infirm would suffer.

Post op I stayed with my folks for five or six days and they had a whale of a time caring for my 16 month old daughter as I was unable to even pick her up. My Dad is now a huge fan of In The Night Garden and does not care for Rastamouse one bit……….. fool he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

To finish off then, I am super again. Let’s get on with it…….

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The Calm

Well its been nine months and five days since I slipped a disc in my lower back (don’t worry this is going to be a relatively short post). It’s been 48 hours since my neurosurgery which has removed the disc and released the trapped nerve that has caused me so much pain. I am back on my feet although still walking like I’ve crapped myself but my leg is feeling amazing!

I’ve got an awesome tale to tell you about my short time at the RVI Newcastle and the hilarious patients I shared a ward with, but for the time being I need to chill out and heal.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

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