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The Early Shift

Its 7:26am and I’ve been sat at my desk for a little over an hour greedily pouring over my favourite websites to get my fashion/celebrity/ news hit before my little sleeping beauty wakes and demands instant feeding. I’m off work on maternity leave and whilst there is no doubt in my mind that my beautiful 6 month old baby is the most important thing in the world to me, I’m not ashamed to admit that Condenast comes a very close second!

If I try really hard I think I can still remember a time when such online activity was saved for lunch breaks at work, or early evenings with The One Show blurring away in the back ground. But sadly the time that was once free to ponder new season heel styles, the one-earring trend and latest H&M collaboration, seems to have vanished in a haze of Johnsons Baby shampoo!

I have an elder daughter who like most ‘first-born’ children, really taught me the ropes on this multitasking lark. I managed to continue to collect my beloved British Vogue, although if I’m completely honest with you, I still haven’t read all of them cover to cover, which I know, is sacrilege. It made me wonder where my priorities lie, and why it was so important to me to make sure I kept abreast of the latest developments on the world of fashion? I came to the conclusion that its something to do with wanting to stay firmly in my mid-twenties despite having two children, a husband and a mortgage. Somehow I’ve tapped into the notion that if I’m rocking a tribal print shell top and laser cut denim shorts I will be forever young, it doesn’t matter that I’m only going out to do the school run, surely? One of said daughters is named after the infamous genius that is Elie Saab, because when she was born I had the latest Hello! Ready to Wear Fashion Special on my bedside cabinet, and let me tell you, this particular Saab collection was knock out! Definitely a worthy reason to choose a fashion based name for my little one.

Now that I’m read this over again, I wonder if my dedication to fashion is a bit redundant, and that I make such efforts in vain? But wait…I’m only 30 this year, in my prime, the decade where its okay to still buy from the kids section at H&M (if you can get away with it) and the only people who’ll have an opinion are the school mums. Yeah well, I’m too cool for school. I think?

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