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A Trying Post

This blog writing is getting to be a real pain in the bum, no seriously I am sat here jiggling about on one of my dining room chairs trying to find a comfortable position but I am in complete agony with my slipped disc! I’m heading back to see my doctor in half an hour or so as my pain killers are no longer working. I know she will tell me that I need to rest up as well as still taking gentle exercise, however with a 7 month old baby and a 14 week old pup there is no such thing as taking it easy. ┬áHere is a little diagram to show you how gross it is when your discs decide to take a little holiday to your spinal cord. Horrible isn’t it?

Stages of Spinal Disc Herniation

Stages of Spinal Disc Herniation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose it’s pretty typical that when I have a head full of ideas for blog posts it becomes almost impossible for me to sit down long enough and get them into WordPress. Sod’s Law I think that’s called? Oh well I’ll be back soon, but it’s probably best to not wait around for me!

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