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Calamity Jane

It’s going to be a sad day today as I’m attending a family funeral. I’m going to write an upbeat blog post today in memory of such a wonderful person who always brought a smile to others.

I am easily the most accident prone person I know. As I kid growing up my parents could put me in a field of soft swirly grass and I’d still find something to hurt myself on, and I often did. I’m not talking about grazed knees or the odd bruise, those were the daily norm I’m talking dedicated A&E team at the children’s hospital. Don’t climb on the wall, they’d say, seconds later I would be screaming my lungs out having slipped legs akimbo on the wall and scraped the skin off my legs. Don’t jump on the chipboard manhole cover they’d say, moments later I had my legs stuck half way into the chipboard plank with my Sister running off to get my Dad to cut me out. Don’t go down the big hill on your roller boots they’d say, I stood up for a full minute this time thanks to momentum but then fell backwards and smacked my head off the asphalt with a loud thwack. At high school my maths teacher was constantly telling us not to bite the tops of our pens which I was in the middle of doing during one of these lectures and suddenly started choking as I had indeed swallowed the biro lid, well half swallowed hence the coughing fit. My most spectacular stunt was trying to hurdle a 5ft wall aged 11 and of course failing. I landed upside down on the wrong side of the wall with my elbow bent at a seriously nasty angle, 8 weeks in plaster followed and the hole in my elbow a permanent reminder that I am not indestructible. Maybe I’m not accident prone at all, maybe I’m a bit deaf….hello?

As I matured into a young adult I remained as dizzy as ever, regularly walking into lamp posts and bursting my nose all over the pavement. On a routine trip to the video shop (yes video shop) with my brother I came home sporting a blood soaked t-shirt thanks to an unsuspecting lamp-post. They’re everywhere!

Now that I’m older and have two other’s to look out for I’m slightly more aware of my surroundings as well as roadside fixtures and fittings. Now I have moved on to hurting myself on child related safety items, baby gates, stroller straps and clasps, car seats etc. I’m forever sporting blood blisters on my hand thanks to the buggy harness clasp and they last for ages. Luckily though the kids are safe and only suffer the usual bumps from jumping off the sofas and wrestling on the carpet, who’d have girls huh?


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It’s been a really strange few days, I’m not sure that strange is the right word but I am struggling to find an alternative.

Out of desperation for some adult company I emailed a local group called Salvage and Stitch a couple of weeks ago. Since I’ve moved to the countryside I’ve found it quite difficult to find groups that both me and my baby daughter can attend together. Well ones that don’t involve play dough, sing-a-long time and cookies and milk.

I’m into pattern cutting and garment construction and I’ve neglected my sewing machine for far too long so I thought I could kick my boredom into touch by brushing up on some new skills and meeting the other 7-8 members of the group for a natter. One of the two women who run the group, Katie, kindly replied to my email, my baby and me were welcome to join and she would add me to the mailing list for details of the next session which was due to begin mid September. Within a couple of days I received two emails and learned enough about the group to get excited.

Friday evening I received an email from a member of the group to say that Katie was in intensive care at the hospital.

On Sunday she died.

I read the email and felt a sudden sense of loss, I couldn’t help but shed a tear for a lady that I don’t even know. I have three emails of words from her, I’ve never spoken to her, she could be 21 or 71 for all I know. Yet I woke up this morning feeling sad and down.

Can you grieve for someone you don’t know?

Last night I asked my sister the same question, she said yes. When someone famous dies sometimes there are public displays of mourning, I’m picturing the scenes when Princess Diana died, people lining the streets with flowers as her motorcade passed by. When Michael Jackson died there were specialist phone lines set up for fans to speak to counsellors about their feelings. My sister mentioned that a massive online community grew from mourning the loss of Heath Ledger, so young and so absurdly talented. The thing is, I don’t know anything about Katie, was she super talented, young or old, does she have a family of her own?

I felt that it was fitting for me to write a tribute to Katie and to thank her for being so kind to me when I really needed company and a distraction from what I consider to be a boring life. Thank you for reminding me how precious it is.

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A Trying Post

This blog writing is getting to be a real pain in the bum, no seriously I am sat here jiggling about on one of my dining room chairs trying to find a comfortable position but I am in complete agony with my slipped disc! I’m heading back to see my doctor in half an hour or so as my pain killers are no longer working. I know she will tell me that I need to rest up as well as still taking gentle exercise, however with a 7 month old baby and a 14 week old pup there is no such thing as taking it easy.  Here is a little diagram to show you how gross it is when your discs decide to take a little holiday to your spinal cord. Horrible isn’t it?

Stages of Spinal Disc Herniation

Stages of Spinal Disc Herniation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose it’s pretty typical that when I have a head full of ideas for blog posts it becomes almost impossible for me to sit down long enough and get them into WordPress. Sod’s Law I think that’s called? Oh well I’ll be back soon, but it’s probably best to not wait around for me!

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