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100 Not Out

Here’s to my first celebration, Geordie‘s Girl (not me, the blog) is 100. Since early March I have written 100 blog posts with November being my busiest month thanks to the NaBloPoMo writing challenge. Not bad for an old bird eh? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I can focus on for this special occasion the most important of which was getting Sky to give me a decent bloody broadband connection, god they are truly crap aren’t they?

I decided to look for others who are celebrating today. It made the national news that Prince Charles is 64 today, not exactly my favourite royal! Josh Duhamel  (Transformers) is waving the flag for sexy at 40 today and my favourite actor in the whole world Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, Rules of Engagement) is 48 years young. According to yet another super-accurate Google search I found out that there will be an estimated 361,481 babies born worldwide today, aw happy birthday you little guys, welcome to the human race, approximately 82 couples got married in the UK today, congrats (don’t forget the first year of marriage is the hardest okay?). Last but by no means least Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating the festival of light! (Which I know technically started yesterday).

When I think about 100 the FHM‘s sexiest list springs to mind, as does 100 best kids toys for Christmas and mad lists you find on-line about 100 things to do before you die (of which about 35 are do-able on an average wage with a family to consider) Not exactly stuff to get massively excited about and who on earth voted for Tulisa? Don’t get me wrong, I like her but when stunner’s such as Emma Stone and Miranda Kerr are alive and well how did she top the poll…..(I’ve just been reliably informed it was because of her ‘tape’).

The blog has been a great outlet for me to practise my writing and to test myself at sticking at something for longer than five minutes. The only other thing I have applied myself to are pregnancy (standard 9 months) and marriage to Geordie (10 months and counting) so sticking to the blog for this long has given me a real confidence boost. My tag line is ‘Procrastination is for Loser’s’ and up until I started the blog I was the biggest loser I knew. I always got so carried away with random ideas that I would quickly tire of and then move onto the next hair-brained idea without success. I would never finish anything and get frustrated with never accomplishing anything. There are even blog posts about such ideas such as the wedding dress, and the weight loss you can read them here and here, the outcomes are predictable; the wedding dress is at the local Age UK charity shop and I’m still 11 stone 4lbs…bugger. Procrastination is a work in progress, but I am most definitely making progress, whatever you have achieved today or if you are celebrating, have a huge congratulations from me. xx

Cake anyone?

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I Owe You

An apology. Not only have I not blogged for four days, I have also severely dented the integrity of my blog and my ethos of ‘Procrastination is for Losers’. Don’t judge me just yet, it is only a minor blip in my otherwise shining record (?!) and it’s all because of that wicked Mr Grey.

I read Fifty Shades of Grey last week and struggled to finished the book as it was far too long. I said that I wouldn’t read the other two books in the trilogy, even the incredibly rude, pornographic-like text about the delectable Mr Grey’s talents wont be enough for me to endure another 1000 pages. Other’s have reviewed the book on lots of different sites and stated the repetitive declarations of ‘Oh My’ became annoying and prematurely gave up the ghost.

I was happy with my decision and didn’t spend much time pondering the next instalment of the story, until I saw my friend on Friday afternoon who, after reading my blog told me the second book was much better and that she was totally engrossed in the story. So being the sheep that I am, I immediately down loaded Fifty Shades Darker and once again ignored my kids getting up to mischief for a few hours while I read on. I know for a fact that I will now complete the trilogy, mainly because Fifty Shades Freed, the third title, caught my attention before the other two. I would already be on the third book by now as I read fairly quickly, however there was an incident.

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I am gearing up to complete the 5×50 Challenge in September and have begun to lose a little weight and implement exercise into my daily life. I am now managing to burn at least 500 calories a day and eating much more healthily too. Sadly this effort was not enough to save my Kindle.

I was lying on my mum’s living room floor propped up on pillows, (this is my most comfortable place to stop my ever-lasting prolapsed disc for throbbing like hell) reading about Mr Grey and his pursuit of Miss Steele when I put down my Kindle to see to my baby who had woken up from a nap on the sofa next to me. In turning to pick her up my beloved Kindle was caught in the crossfire and was squished into LCD heaven by my considerably large behind. I cried out! I could see three or four lines of text behind a series of angry black lines that despite me pressing every button in every possible sequence, refused to budge.

In a blind panic I called Amazon, who I’d like to commend! They have the most professional, friendly and polite customer service employees anywhere. Luckily I am covered through my insurance and my new Kindle is winging its way to me as I type.

During my boring train journey north yesterday I missed my Kindle (or more so Mr Grey)and even resorted to picking up Fifty Shades Darker in paperback in two different book shops, mulled it over and then put it back. For all I didn’t really warm to the first book, the anticipation of finishing the story is now almost unbearable.

So to you my faithful readers, I apologize. Like a lot of people I have been captured by a wicked story line of love, sex and money. My integrity lies redundant on the floor. What can I do to win you back?

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