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2.4 Children

I have spent the first half of today drawing designs for a double-decker bus for play-group, trying to sleep, caring for the little ones and not eating chocolate. It’s been a hell of a day so far I can tell you. The afternoon is starting off just as fascinating as I am sat in my hair dye t-shirt at my daughter’s computer typing and well dying my hair of course. When did Saturdays get so lame?

Not so long ago, Saturday was the highlight of my week, the morning spent shopping in town, usually for a new outfit for that evening, quick-lunch before heading home to play Mum/Wife and begin preparations for a night out. Saturday morning was my time for me and how I looked forward to it each and every week. I actually cannot remember the last time I did this, as I sit here and type I can’t remember the last time I spent longer than 30 minutes on my own, even when I go to the loo, my baby has worked out how to get the bathroom door open and will come and sit on my knee while I pee. I know, its gross.

Double decker bus at Inniskillin vineyard in N...

My bus is going to be so much better than this one

About that double-decker bus! I have promised the play-group kids I will make them a big red bus to kind of chug along for when we sing The Wheels on the Bus. Artistically it’s going to be ace, I’ve got the paint and bits and bobs to make it look realistic. Logistically it’s going to be a nightmare, the little ones are only around 16 months old and I imagine problems with over crowding, fighting and someone always bunks on without a ticket! I will upload a pic of my fabulous bus later this week. You know you want to make one.

I’ve tried to catch up on a  bit of sleep as last night my eldest daughter point-blank refused to sleep in her own bed. We’ve had a few sleep issues with her in the past but this was completely unexpected. Cue whole family awake until she finally gave up the ghost at 1.30am, crawled into her bed, snuggled down and dozed off. Baby settled shortly afterwards and by 2am I had turned into an extra from The Walking Dead. My body clock naturally woke me at 6.10am and the weekend started with a big sigh.

My baby is still full of cold, this is week three now? She’s also started doing a really good impression of our family dog barking so I’m thinking it’ll be a trip to the med centre on Monday for something stronger than Calpol.

I gave chocolate up for Lent. I am not religious, I did it because Geordie said I couldn’t. Then the patronising sod said to me at 1:00am ‘Babe seeing as you’re doing such a good job of sorting the kids out (both wailing like banshees and neither in their own beds) I’ll let you have a piece of Dairy Milk and it won’t count okay? He would LET me have a piece of Dairy Milk! Well if I was thinking about faltering before you can bet your life there is no way whatsoever I am backing down now. Condescending Get!

Yet another occasion where Geordie is lucky he’s not being fed his man parts……..covered in Dairy Milk!

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Are You Not Entertained?

A friend of mine asked if he could have a word with you…..call it research….this is M (It’s all a bit MI5 isn’t it?)

“This is 2012 isn’t it, supposedly women are stronger and more independent and, if you listen to Beyonce, girls rule the world. So why is it that they still look to men to keep them entertained? Maybe nothing has changed here for decades, maybe it’s always been the case that a man is there for a woman’s entertainment, not being a woman, I wouldn’t know this, but I had hoped for more.

I'm not entirely sure what the umpire is signa...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This isn’t just something I have plucked out of thin air, I have a basis for these comments. I met up with a female friend yesterday and she said something which was pretty similar to something I used to hear from my ex-girlfriend.
Her fella is into sport, let’s call it cricket, cos that’s what it is and plays for his local team every Saturday. Now for a Saturday cricket game you can expect to leave the house at about 11am and return about 8pm, IF you don’t stay behind for a couple of social drinks afterwards. So this happens every week, and remember that there are seven days in the week. My friend was complaining that he was away for sooo long and why does it have to go on for such a long time! She admitted she got bored and was rubbish at entertaining herself, which just makes me think that women want men to entertain them.
Now if the shoe was on the other foot and it was the woman who was going to be out all day on a Saturday, I’m pretty sure most guys would be absolutely delighted, they’d be making plans to see mates, watching a lot of sport and spending some solo time on the internet (maybe). They certainly wouldn’t be bored.
So why isn’t my friend embracing her freedom on a Saturday and arranging days out with her mates and going for a few drinks? Or is she going to, but she just wants to make it known to her partner that it’s ‘not fair,’ that she gets left at home on a Saturday?
I’d love to know your thoughts”
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We Apologise For The Inconvenience

Cover of

Cover via Amazon

……..normal service will resume following the completion of Fifty Shades of Grey via Kindle. I’m so intrigued by the wildly mixed reviews that I couldn’t resist having a peak myself. I’m 9 chapters in after  a couple of hours, while keeping an eye on my kids wrecking the living room and in my humble opinion it’s definitely worth a read. The kids are having a very early Sunday night so I can settle down to read, I need them safely snoozing away because Shades of Grey just got VERY interesting….

Ps, I was 451 calories under my goal yesterday, so I’m rewarding myself with a nice glass of rose tonight!

Catch you later…..

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