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What a Week!

Hello again and to begin, sincere apologies for my lack of blogging over the last week. It would seem that I am totally unable to write anything legible whilst working/travelling/parenting and being a little under the weather.

Today is a new day and the meds are working so here I am. My first fashion dilemma this week is about occasion wear. My younger sister is getting married in two weeks time and I’m stuck between a Navy embellished neckline, tulip shape dress or an Orange (yes that’s Orange) flared shift dress. I shall be purchasing both tomorrow and blogging for your opinion.

I was ready to let my 6-year-old, brutally honest daughter decide for me, however based on her reasoning skills displayed today (swears she could HEAR a spider behind the shower curtain in the bathroom) I think it might be better to throw caution into the wind and get you guys to comment. If however you think you can hear spiders it might be better to keep your opinions to yourself!

Equal Parenting Alliance

Equal Parenting Alliance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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