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Are You Not Entertained?

A friend of mine asked if he could have a word with you…..call it research….this is M (It’s all a bit MI5 isn’t it?)

“This is 2012 isn’t it, supposedly women are stronger and more independent and, if you listen to Beyonce, girls rule the world. So why is it that they still look to men to keep them entertained? Maybe nothing has changed here for decades, maybe it’s always been the case that a man is there for a woman’s entertainment, not being a woman, I wouldn’t know this, but I had hoped for more.

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This isn’t just something I have plucked out of thin air, I have a basis for these comments. I met up with a female friend yesterday and she said something which was pretty similar to something I used to hear from my ex-girlfriend.
Her fella is into sport, let’s call it cricket, cos that’s what it is and plays for his local team every Saturday. Now for a Saturday cricket game you can expect to leave the house at about 11am and return about 8pm, IF you don’t stay behind for a couple of social drinks afterwards. So this happens every week, and remember that there are seven days in the week. My friend was complaining that he was away for sooo long and why does it have to go on for such a long time!¬†She admitted she got bored and was rubbish at entertaining herself, which just makes me think that women want men to entertain them.
Now if the shoe was on the other foot and it was the woman who was going to be out all day on a Saturday, I’m pretty sure most guys would be absolutely delighted, they’d be making plans to see mates, watching a lot of sport and spending some solo time on the internet (maybe). They certainly wouldn’t be bored.
So why isn’t my friend embracing her freedom on a Saturday and arranging days out with her mates and going for a few drinks? Or is she going to, but she just wants to make it known to her partner that it’s ‘not fair,’ that she gets left at home on a Saturday?
I’d love to know your thoughts”
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