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Happy Thoughts

If you’ve ever had a general anaesthetic you’ll know all about lying on a hospital bed left to stare at green tiled walls and strip lighting, occasionally you catch a glimpse of medical people who bob in and out of your line of vision, the anaesthetist chats away as he prepares the drugs that whisk you away for how ever long is necessary and you wake up from a glorious sleep when all the messy stuff is over. This amazing feat of medical science is dependant on many things, mainly skilled staff and amazing technology but there is also one very important ingredient; happy thoughts.

Happy or demented, you decide.

Happy or demented, you decide.

Like a magician the anaesthetist will engage you in conversation, effortlessly finding a positive topic that will elicit a torrent of lovely memories while they are pumping you full of sleep inducing drugs that make the majority of surgery possible. I’m told that if you think happy thoughts whilst being anaesthetised you are likely to enjoy a restful sleep, however if you were to think about an episode of The Walking Dead (mmm Andrew Lincoln) there is a chance you will wake up during surgery! Eeeek.

It took no time at all to find out that awareness during surgery or ‘waking-up’ is simply due to not enough anaesthetic being administered with most patients falling back to sleep very shortly afterwards. I thought it might be better to be prepared so I have a long list of lovely things I want to think about while the neurosurgeon goes to town on my knackered vertebrae. I already know that when it comes to the crunch (not wire) I will be thinking about the evening when I was so ill I couldn’t move from the sofa, my back was in pieces, my stomach had decided it was allergic to everything and Geordie bored to tears with my moaning about it. That’s when my 7-year-old daughter decided to camp out next to me on sofa cushions, her duvet and the sheer determinations that she wouldn’t let go of my hand all night. If you only you could get love like that on prescription!



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Crouching Blogger, Slipped Disc

Well it’s been a horrendous few days to say the least. Somehow between Thursday evening and Friday afternoon I managed to ‘slip a disc in my back and have been in agony since. I finally got to see my gp today who has prescribed me with wonderful painkillers and the stern advice ‘Do not wear heels for at least 3 weeks’ WHAT????? But it’s the weekend in 48 hours, and I have a wedding in just over a week and and……..I am not happy about this news and fully intended to break the rules and wear heels as if nothing was wrong, then I tried to get off the sofa this afternoon and was reminded that my poor spine and its dodgy disc’s deserve a better deal.It may be more a case of suffer now so I can still pull off more than a kitten heel post 60?

William Morris, who strongly opposed restoration

William Morris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s surgery this morning I noticed a lot of smartly dressed older women, baring I mind I live in the country so we’re not talking Chanel twinset and pearls but definitely witnessing a parade of Barbour, Phase Eight and vintage Laura Ashley (I had to ask one lady where she got her floral tea dress and was amazed that it was 30 years old) I felt it might be a bit rude to conduct market research in the surgery waiting room but I was intrigued about how many of these women had invested in their health in their younger years and if it had impacted on their current stage of life. There are always women in the village out walking, whether it be with shopping bags or full rambling gear, and two ladies in particular who run local shops sport funky William Morris framed glasses and a vast array of costume jewellery. They all look so healthy, especially in their Jones the Bootmaker pointy heeled boots! This isn’t fair I’m only half their age and struggling to put my Uggs on never mind heels. I have decided to conduct a survey in the coming days to discover whether its worth making sacrifices in trendy footwear to support a life long love affair with fashion. I get the feeling that I’m going to be told ‘there’s more to life’ and no doubt hear the gory details about far too many chiropody complaints. Maybe I’ll stick to my Nike’s for a few more days so I’m well enough for the wedding. One weekend off fashion won’t kill me, or my dodgy disc

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