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International Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s Day, today is dedicated to women and just how bloody amazing we are!

I’m surrounded by strong women in my family and friends. Some are stay at home mums, company execs, some consistently blow me away with their natural talent and flair in floristry, baking and cake decorating, medicine and nutrition, fitness and well being……not to mention my friends in the armed forces. They all deserve the utmost of respect and beneath what they do for a living, all of these women are the most amazing friends and mentors a girl could ask for. They all love to have lazy days in their pjays, dress up in their heels, read, shop, work out, act daft with their kids and unite in their mutual love of wine consumption. Since moving back to the city and facing the challenges that 2014 brought, I’ve never felt more grateful for having them in my life.

Women Rock

We women are just awesome. Life’s multi-taskers! I regularly manage to bath my kids while simultaneously having a pee, restocking the toilet roll, cleaning the dried toothpaste off the sink and soaking up the tidal wave of bathwater with the bath mat! Are you nodding? You do it too right?

On the world stage there has been much talk of pay equality, the press went wild at the Oscars where Patricia Arquette made a resounding speech, supported by cheering and whooping from fellow A-listers Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez. There are varying reports on what percentage women are paid less than men, and it varies by industry too. Whatever the percentage, anything less for the doing the same job as a man, is just plain wrong. I live in hope that the more publicity and high profile backing this issue gets, the more likely a positive outcome will be…..and soon. I’m not going to go on a feminist rant (that’s a blog post in itself) but I will be writing a post about how mothers are treated differently in the world of work. Watch this space.

So back to us amazing women……I want to highlight a trend on Twitter #womencrushwednesday and encourage more women to support each other by posting a pic or brief description of a woman you admire and tagging it #wcw. It started out as just a daft celebrity thing, but hey, why not spread the love and bring it to the masses!

Women, keep doing what you’re doing because you rock!

I would like to dedicate today’s blog to Judith Arnett and Rebecca Gould, in loving memory



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Nine Two Five

It occurred to me earlier today that I haven’t done a full days work in two years, I’ve had a baby in that time but really, where did the time go? It seems like it was yesterday that I was clocking up a 50 hour week, watching the sun come up and set again while sat at my desk, calling my Dad to prevent me having a panic attack when I had to go down into the dark, scary basement on facilities checks and drinking far too much coffee that almost cost half my weekly wage. Now I’m lucky if I manage to get all my ironing done, take my youngest to play-group and make sure dinner is at least in the oven when Geordie gets home from work.

I’m pretty sure my CV states I am ‘a great co-ordinator’ and ‘organisation is my passion’ (or some similarly ridiculous buzz words) So where has it gone? Did I lose it along with my pregnancy baby weight? Did it slowly diminish while I spent hour upon hour watching Mr Bloom’s Nursery? Or is it still there lurking in the back of my mind behind the lists of size 5+ Pampers and Persil Non-Bio? I really hope it’s the latter as this realisation today has kick-started a plan of action……to go back to work.

Bog Off Eamonn

Bog Off Eamonn

I’ve heard many people say that it’s easier to get a job if you already have one? I’m not really sure I understand the logic there? Is that because you have recent, relevant experience or more chance of a glowing reference from your employer? Maybe I’m discounting this notion because I haven’t learned anything new or relevant to PR or marketing in over two years and I don’t want to believe that I am going to struggle before I even get started. Bearing this in mind I am considering a refresher course but I’m unsure about what I should refresh? I can (just about) speak, write and read English and while I am no Carol Vorderman I can still recite the times tables.

Working in media generally means having to completely submerge yourself in current affairs, so maybe my refresher course can be self-taught? I simply have to reinstate my subscription to The Times, switch Cbeebies over to BBC Parliament, CNN or Sky News (I really can’t stand Eamonn Holmes) and re-follow all those media bods on Twitter who are in the thick of the action around the globe? Also I’m thinking that a volunteer placement with a local paper might help me with the lack of recent experience issue…being the new girl again at 30 should be interesting!

The catalyst behind all of this is that I am missing a sense of achievement, I made it to 30, not without a few scrapes but it has taken me until now right now in fact, to realise what I really want to do with myself. Now I just have to make it happen. Maybe I can have it all, it just takes a little patience and a lot of hard work. Wish me luck!

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Growing Pains


I would hate to be a teenager now, with social media invading our every waking moment and some subconscious moments too, it’s far too easy to become a victim of bullying. New terms have been invented ‘cyber bullying’ ‘trolling’ to name a couple of tame ones and as this new wave of hate takes over it seems that teenagers are predominantly in the spotlight inciting hate, riots and openly mocking the tragic deaths of many youngsters, I struggle to work out where it all went wrong?

Angel with mobile phone

Angel with mobile phone  (Photo credit: Akbar Sim)

When I was at school, which wasn’t all that long ago, mobile phones had only just been introduced to the masses and you didn’t need to carry a briefcase to own one, pagers were more common. So when the pager trend hit it was  just a starter for the mobile phone main course. I don’t remember everyone having a pager but those who did loved them and the ability to converse in a whole new way and so the emergence of mobile social media began. Around this time MSN Messenger was also quite popular and I spent many an hour after school chatting to friends who I’d left less than an hour previously talking about the events of that day. Next came mobile phones, if I remember rightly I was 16/17 when I got a mobile, I’d just started sixth form and the text messaging craze began in earnest but it wasn’t until I reached my twenties that I realised my mobile phone had become and extension of my right arm. I quickly got into bad habits, never switching my phone off at night in case I missed anything(?!),  my little Nokia brick needed charging constantly, despite texting never calling….that was far too much hassle actually talking to someone! This impersonal approach quickly escalated with the introduction of our family computer.  I never bothered with Myspace, couldn’t really figure it all out so when I joined Facebook around 2006 I instantly got to work on uploading tons of photo’s from our work nights out and other random adventures and shared them with the world. Now 6 years on I’m more cautious of what information is available online but with Facebook and Twitter constantly changing the goal posts on security and ‘sharing’ it’s becoming impossible to keep up, leaving many with no option other than to deactivate their accounts.

I think I have been quite lucky in that I have only received a handful of negative comments/status’ during my 6 years online, compared to some this is just a drop in the ocean. There are pages and pages online specifically set up to mock, abuse and hurt others, for what gain? Despicable people who go out of their way to contact grieving parents or those who have disabled children purely to mock them should be reprimanded with an iron fist, but how do you police online behaviour and what punishment would be right? My generation did their fight picking in person or by writing on the wall of the underpass outside of our high school, they did not hide behind a vague FB status that is written especially to cause hurt but not specific enough to be able to point a finger, you know the ones along the lines of ‘Dont you just hate it when people…blagh blagh blagh’ Accusations of lying, two-faced attitudes and violence have become the norm because it’s so easy to type it and press enter.


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I worry for my two little girls growing up in this online society. If I say no to them wanting to use the laptop, have social media accounts  or shop online will they be mocked for not being the same as their peers? Will they be targeted because I want to protect them? I dread to think how far the online social media world will have developed by the time my little ones are teenagers. It’s so hard to not cave into peer pressure as a parent too, my eldest has an ipod, controlled access to my laptop and my old mobile phone that’s purely for texting her grandparents and she’s only 6! It’s astounding how many toddlers know how to work dvd players and Iphones.To the teenagers of today and tomorrow I feel for you. It’s truly awful that you have to deal with such pressure to conform on a daily basis, to agonize over the consequences if you dare to stand out from the crowd and be constantly reminded of it every time you pick up your phone or start-up your computer. Bring back pen & ink?

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I’ve not had an awful lot of positive things to write about in the last few weeks and July has been a bit of a wash out for me. So in an attempt to stop being a big miserable arse and inspired by my all-time favourite author Nick Spalding, I have decided to share with you a quick mortifying moment. Enjoy!

English: Icon for Simpsons things

A couple of  weeks ago I was having a bit of a moan to the cute(ish) looking guy in Blockbuster whilst rummaging around in my mahoosive handbag for the two Spongebob Squarepants DVD‘s I’d rented for my girls that hadn’t worked as they were scratched to death. As I pulled them triumphantly out of my shoulder suitcase and handed them to him with a small ‘hurrah’ I realised there was a bright turquoise sanitary towel sandwiched between them. On seeing my face light up like Mars the cute(ish) guy held the DVD’s aloft with one hand and tapped awkwardly on the pc with the other, while I quickly pulled the offending personal hygiene item out of its temporary resting place and shoved it furiously back into my bag. I made the situation ten times more embarrassing by muttering ‘I don’t think you’ll need that’. Ring Ring……hello is that Netflicks?

Back soon


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We Apologise For The Inconvenience

Cover of

Cover via Amazon

……..normal service will resume following the completion of Fifty Shades of Grey via Kindle. I’m so intrigued by the wildly mixed reviews that I couldn’t resist having a peak myself. I’m 9 chapters in after  a couple of hours, while keeping an eye on my kids wrecking the living room and in my humble opinion it’s definitely worth a read. The kids are having a very early Sunday night so I can settle down to read, I need them safely snoozing away because Shades of Grey just got VERY interesting….

Ps, I was 451 calories under my goal yesterday, so I’m rewarding myself with a nice glass of rose tonight!

Catch you later…..

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Brolly Good

Typically the weather has taken a bit of a tumble following that golden week or so when we all built our hopes up for any kind of Summer happening later in the year. I’m a big weather fan, I follow the Met Office on Twitter and I always catch the morning weather report with Carol Kirkwood on BBC news before I chose my outfit for the day. I’m not really sure why but I think BBC news is more reliable than Daybreak??

This week I have been less of a fan of the weather and more of a stalker, with the wedding this coming Saturday I’ve offered up prayers for a nice sunny day, however it seems I’m out of luck and thundery showers are due. With this in mind I’ve started worrying about my outfit, and total lack of any outerwear. I have the obligatory pashmina but if its blowing a hooley and cold in the church I’m wondering if I should have chosen that beautiful cream tuxedo jacket from Zara and the Ted Baker Barish dress instead? At least the jacket would offer some warmth while my ass goes numb on the stone cold pews?

I have one shopping day left to amend my outfit accordingly and there’s one accessory that a girl simply cannot do without during the Spring showers, and that’s a good umbrella. If I had to reckon it up I think I’ve had in excess of 50 umbrellas in my 29 years, most of which have come from the pound shop or the nearest newsagents/convenience store when it’s poured down unexpectedly, sodding British weather.

During a quick boredom-busting search online for a new umbrella for the wedding I was surprised to find so many websites specialising in designer umbrellas and there are some awesome designs if you have the nerve to ‘wear’ them. Check out some of the weird and wonderful designs here and have fun making people look twice!

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Future Fashionista

My usual end of season sale shopping trip was something of a revelation this year, not only because half of the high street has been in sale for an increasingly long period, but because my 5-year-old daughter actually wanted to go with me into town, seeking in particular;

 “A sparkly top to match her black tutu that Nanna and Granddad bought’

 I am going to take a chance here and say that most kids hate going clothes shopping, especially sale shopping when it’s the equivalent of a rugby scrum in most stores, the heating is turned right up and the queues are ridiculously long. I also imagine that most children, during the summer holidays want to do nothing more than stay in their pyjamas, watch Nickelodeon and eat rubbish all day.

So imagine my surprise when my little girl (because she still is a little girl, each to their own and all but there are no brats dolls, make up, strappy tops or heels in her possession) comes into my room fully dressed at 10am one bright August day and proclaims she would like to go girly shopping for a top and then to McDonald’s! I’m all for her taking pride in her appearance and having an interest in fashion, especially when it’s been a major preoccupation in my life since a young age. However, it did make me wonder how young role models are becoming and at what age is it acceptable to make your own fashion choices?

It would seem that I am something of a dinosaur when just 20 minutes research into an array of famous tots offered a multitude of blogs, website and fan pages, and that was just for Suri Cruise! After what seems like an eternal wait for the Beckham’s brood to grow by one pink one, we can finally welcome the new girl in town as 8 weeks old Harper Beckham (according to mummy Victoria’s Twitter feed) is currently attending her first NY Fashion Week. The child is about 8 weeks old and has already got a front row (car) seat at the hottest venues/shows in town! And here is me wondering whether to brave H&M on a Saturday morning in the school holidays.

I decided to let go of the reins a little and allow my daughter some freedom to make her own clothing choices. To my utter delight she chose a Rolling Stones t-shirt and bright red ballet flats, which coincidently matched the huge ketchup stain down her Gap hoody after finishing up, as promised at McDonald’s. Not quite NY Fashion Week, but it’ll do for my little fashionista in the making.

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