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Brolly Good

Typically the weather has taken a bit of a tumble following that golden week or so when we all built our hopes up for any kind of Summer happening later in the year. I’m a big weather fan, I follow the Met Office on Twitter and I always catch the morning weather report with Carol Kirkwood on BBC news before I chose my outfit for the day. I’m not really sure why but I think BBC news is more reliable than Daybreak??

This week I have been less of a fan of the weather and more of a stalker, with the wedding this coming Saturday I’ve offered up prayers for a nice sunny day, however it seems I’m out of luck and thundery showers are due. With this in mind I’ve started worrying about my outfit, and total lack of any outerwear. I have the obligatory pashmina but if its blowing a hooley and cold in the church I’m wondering if I should have chosen that beautiful cream tuxedo jacket from Zara and the Ted Baker Barish dress instead? At least the jacket would offer some warmth while my ass goes numb on the stone cold pews?

I have one shopping day left to amend my outfit accordingly and there’s one accessory that a girl simply cannot do without during the Spring showers, and that’s a good umbrella. If I had to reckon it up I think I’ve had in excess of 50 umbrellas in my 29 years, most of which have come from the pound shop or the nearest newsagents/convenience store when it’s poured down unexpectedly, sodding British weather.

During a quick boredom-busting search online for a new umbrella for the wedding I was surprised to find so many websites specialising in designer umbrellas and there are some awesome designs if you have the nerve to ‘wear’ them. Check out some of the weird and wonderful designs here and have fun making people look twice!

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Seasonal Style

What a day it’s been! When I left the house this morning in perfectly weather suitable attire I was on top of the world. I arrived home three hours later freezing cold and grumpy. I detest the changing of the season’s especially now that they are so harsh. One day its 22 degrees the next we have an inch of snow, what are we supposed to wear?

Screenshot of Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber...

Look at that rain! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I took my daughter to a children’s party this morning. I wore Gap cropped jeans, Topshop floral singlet, Zara prep blazer and ballet flats, accessorized with my large River Island tote and umbrella. The sun was shining so we both donned our sunglasses and headed out to have some fun. Imagine my dismay when half way through my over-priced hot chocolate I look out of the gaudily painted windows to see the rain hurling itself at the car park at an alarming rate. Yes, I have an umbrella but the wind also picked up considerably and while staying dry is majorly important when one has short hair, not being dragged down the street imitating a bad Mary Poppins takes precedence. This made me grumpy knowing I would have to go out and get wet feet and fasten the buttons on my blazer which makes me look like a nerd. How dare the weather change so suddenly?

I’m an avid checker of weather forecasts, I even have a friend who works at the Met Office, although this alliance has never given me the edge over anyone who catches the daily weather forecast during Daybreak. Is it just me or are seasonal changes taking forever to happen these days? Wasn’t Spring supposed to have started about a month ago and surely Summer is just around the corner, so what’s with the snow? My poor handbag is battered with carrying extra items of clothing among all my usual junk. Ordinarily I might have a pashmina and sunglasses lurking in there but in addition I’m now carrying a cardigan, socks and all important plastic bag to wrap my soggy umbrella in. Inter-season dressing is getting me down, the store displays and magazines have flaunted the SS12 trends for weeks and it seems like we will never get a chance to actually wear it. Is there a Summer in sight?

Needless to say, my daughter and I ditched the soggy ballet flats for comfy Christmas socks and spent the rest of the day eating left over Easter eggs and spag-bol. Until the weather sorts itself out, this is how we intend to stay….see you in September then.

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