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I’ve Lost It!

Well here it goes, it has been exactly 7 days since I blogged about weight and deciding it was time to change. I’ve received lots of messages of support and more messages along the lines of ‘Are you bloody mad, putting your weight on the blog’? But I knew that if I did put it out on to the world stage, I would have to make the effort to lose weight or face losing my wonderful readers.

While sat eating cake icing with my friend yesterday we were discussing the ‘brave’ blog and how I would feel if standing on the scales this morning I found I had not lost any weight. The bottom line is I would be really gutted. I’ve utilised My Fitness Pal to its absolute limits this week, sticking to my goal of 1400 calories as well as making a concerted effort to burn off 1000 calories too. The highlight of my week was getting out with my dog on Sunday morning for an hours brisk walk/jog in the rain and sticky weather. I came home soaked through my vest top and feeling really good! I was a little unprepared as I went out wearing wellies due to the weather as I expected to just walk, however once I was out I felt confident enough to jog a couple of ten minute section of the path. I also wore leggings, vest top and Geordie’s North Face waterproof jacket. I forgot just how warm you get and how quickly when walking at a brisk pace, throw in the humid sticky weather and conditions were almostĀ unbearable, but there was no way I was taking that jacket off to show my mummy tummy wobbling away down the country road, hence sweating through the top!

Of course it would be very easy for me to tamper with the results, the original photograph I took of the scales could be anyone or anything right? However as the Head of Year at school, Mrs Graham said at the start of GCSE exams season, ‘If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself’.

So after seven rather intense days of intense calorie counting, dog walking and making separate trips into the village for each individual shopping item on my list…..and definitely not standing on one leg or holding onto the sink……I give you my results.

Thank you so much for the good luck messages and support and thanks to Geordie who knows me so well as to not get involved or have an opinion, but just let me get on with it and be there if I fall flat on my face and need to eat Toblerone. Come next week it’s going to be a push but another 3kg loss would be amazing as it’s always harder after the initial boost to your metabolism. Well I’m geared up and ready to go, who’s with me?!

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