Seeing Red

I have an ongoing debate with my sister about who suits red better, blondes or brunettes? We’re both brunettes at the moment but I’m Team Blonde when it comes to red carpet dresses. But what about those who don’t need to worry about being snapped by the papparazzi? Us on the street, going to work, shopping, or doing the school run. Who rules the poppy hues there?

I’ve decided to open it up to you guys to vote. Team Blonde Vs Team Brunette you decide.

First up for Team Blonde we have the stunning January Jones sending the paps into a frenzy in this cut away Versace gown.

A very worthy opponent from Team Brunette is Anne Hathaway in Marchesa

Scarlett Johansson is a bit of a go-between as she’s had so many hair colours, but in this stunning low-cut, maxi gown she’s flying the flag for Team Blonde

And finally the queen of swept-up chic, Angelina Jolie rocking not only a red satin dress but also blood-red lips and porcelain complexion.

Did I really say I was Team Blonde? Now that I’ve carried out a little more research I’m leaning more towards Team Brunette. Let’s face it, you can’t argue with the Special K woman, she always looks fabulous!

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Astounding Auctions

I decided to have a clear out recently and of the 11 bags of unwanted clothing and shoes, I came across a dozen gems that were worth a second look. As a prolific anti-hoarder it’s quite amazing that I got as far as re-opening the bin bags, which everyone knows is a challenge worthy of Krypton Factor in itself. After much searching, grimacing and wondering what the hell I bought half of the stuff for in the first place, I found three pairs of brand new shoes. Unfortunately none of them fit me and with my nearest and dearest having larger feet than me there was no clear heir so I turned to Ebay.

What follows can only be described as utter madness. I listed three pairs of shoes, all in perfect brand new condition. Two pairs are faux suede moccasin type ballet flats from Atmosphere at Primark. They cost me exactly £4 each and due to the complete chaos in store at the time of purchasing, I didn’t try them on, and low and behold they are too tight. I listed them at 99p each.

I also decided to list my pride and joy D&G heels as they are a fraction too tight and have been sat in a bin bag for god knows how long. I started this auction at £5, you know, given that I paid over £100 for them and they are still in fantastic condition. This is where the madness starts…..

The public decided that the two pairs of £4 Primark FAUX SUEDE moccasin type ballet flats were worth three times more than the GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER DESIGNER HEELS by D&G. What on earth is going on? Have we lost all sight of taste and style and decency?!

This all happened over a week ago, and with four minutes to go and a paltry bid of £6.80 on my oh so precious D&G heels, I ended the auction and placed them carefully in the top of my wardrobe. I’d rather suffer with them being too small, than let them go for less than a tenner. Bids over £11 welcome 😉

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